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Five unusual ways to use solar energy

Every new day solar energy invades our life and the engineers all over the world seek to develop new methods of its use. Automobile Industry During a ..

01.05.2015, 05:05
  • Views: 854

  • The company RWE has set up a new electric power station, which uses alternative fuel

    The power station of 65 megawatts in capacity can produce thermal energy and electricity as well, it is situated in Markinch, in Five, the historic co..

    04.05.2015, 08:05
  • Views: 570

  • The British company Drax develops the local wood pellet market

    The major British electric power station, which uses mainly biomass has announced its purchase of the company Billington Bioenergy. Billington Bioener..

    01.05.2015, 03:05
  • Views: 886

  • The company Viridis Merchants Inc. became a reputable and exclusive dealer of the brand Douglas fir pellets

    The management of the company Viridis Energy Inc. declared that the value of the contract for the exclusive distribution of pellets with trademark Dou..

    30.04.2015, 02:04
  • Views: 572

  • The company Sia Broceni Pellets will build a new pellet plant in Latvia

    The company Sia Broceni Pellets, which is the subsidiary enterprise of the company AS Graanul Invest has purchased the site of 16 hectares in square i..

    30.04.2015, 02:04
  • Views: 843

  • The campaign against the use of pellets steps up in the State of Georgia

    The Public Agency Dogwood Alliance declared that about 30 entrepreneurs and public leaders had joined its campaign “Our forests aren’t fue..

    30.04.2015, 02:04
  • Views: 716

  • A preliminary grain processing can reduce the prime cost of biofuel by 30%

    Riverside, the scientific-research group of the University of California presented a new technology for reducing the enzymes required for the raw mate..

    30.04.2015, 03:04
  • Views: 1188

  • Nova Scotia runs a huge pellet deficit

    The increased demand for pellets which made the stockholding run low, led to "the customer competition" among the local residents. The endless queue o..

    29.04.2015, 02:04
  • Views: 598

  • The demand for pellet boilers in Austria starts to decline

    2014 was not quite auspicious for the Austrian manufacturers of boilers. Notably steep decrease affected the manufacturers of pellet boilers, for in 2..

    29.04.2015, 02:04
  • Views: 671

  • Active Energy, the Ukrainian producer of wood chips expands the product market

    This year Mykolaiv plant of alternative fuel production begins its shipment in Italy. The enterprise which belongs to the British group of companies A..

    28.04.2015, 03:04
  • Views: 819

  • The testers have discovered heavy metals in the Swiss pellets

    The public agencies have conducted a laboratory research of pellets, which has showed that one third of the submitted samples contains exceedingly lar..

    28.04.2015, 04:04
  • Views: 844

  • The Rentech Company, the major pellet producer is compelled to seek financing in order to complete its reconstruction

    According to the Company’s management, the reason for this is the wrong cost estimation spent on the modernization of the pellet plants in Wawa ..

    24.04.2015, 07:04
  • Views: 717

  • The use of nitrogen-fixing bacterium can help reduce the prime cost of biofuel

    The International Research Group suggests to use the bacterium Zymomonas mobilis for this purpose. This bacterium produces ethanol and can propagate i..

    24.04.2015, 04:04
  • Views: 986

  • Algae may become the next-generation biofuel

    According to the declarations of the researchers, algae can cope with the task of processing carbon dioxide into biofuel, though the technology of the..

    23.04.2015, 09:04
  • Views: 1102

  • The Rentech Company has bought a new pellet plant

    The Rentech management declared that its subsidiary company New Englad Wood Pellet had reacquired the controlling interest of the Allegheny Pellet Cor..

    23.04.2015, 07:04
  • Views: 822

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