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Indian state companies were granted the free biofuel sale permits

According to government’s ruling, any customer can purchase a biodiesel product from one of the companies suppling it. The purpose of that decis..

17.05.2015, 06:05
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  • The ÖkoFEN Company has developed a prototype of the cogeneration pellet heating boiler

    Revolutionary 5 kilowatt cogeneration heating system, equipped with a Stirling engine was introduced to consumers. This boiler, working on the fuel fr..

    15.05.2015, 01:05
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  • Public utilities of the USA oppose solar energy

    A number of the public utilities, supported by oil traders, began an organized campaign against the local solar systems installed on roofs, because th..

    15.05.2015, 01:05
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  • The first biofuel flight was taken in China

    Boeing-737 of the Chinese airline company Hainan Airlines has cruised from Shanghai to Beijing, used the mix of jet fuel and biofuel produced from rec..

    15.05.2015, 01:05
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  • Scientists of the Harvard University have found a new use of the solar energy

    The Harvard Research Institute staff reported about the establishment of the technology, which allows manufacturing the fuel oil from the solar light...

    15.05.2015, 01:05
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  • Ukrainian Biofuel Portal summed up the wood pellet export for 2014

    The world volume of pellet production exceeds 15 million tons per year and continues to grow. Wherein the volume of consumption exceeds the production..

    14.05.2015, 08:05
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  • The growth of the Ukrainian solid biofuel market in 2014 as a result of energy replacement policy

    The operators of the Ukrainian alternative energy market noted a sharp increase in demand for solid biofuels. The devaluation of the national currency..

    14.05.2015, 08:05
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  • Ukrainian pellet producers are going to destine their output to the internal market

    The stressful situation at the gas market of Ukraine made the Ukrainians reconsider the use of wood pellets. Throughout 2014, the Ukrainian producers ..

    08.05.2015, 09:05
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  • The British Green investment bank will fund 30 million pounds to build a biogas plant in Hertfordshire

    The means allocated by this financial institution will cover half of the expenses, required to complete the construction of the complex in Hoddesdon. ..

    06.05.2015, 06:05
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  • A fall in the value of the euro led to the changes in the FOEX pellet index

    Despite a low demand for pellets in Europe during the heating season 2014-2015, the average price in February constituted 229, 34 euros per ton. Compa..

    06.05.2015, 06:05
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  • The United States expects an unprecedented boom in the solar energy sector

    The decrease in the American solar facilities constituted 6, 5 gigawatts in 2014, that is by 30% more compared to the previous year. The amount of new..

    05.05.2015, 06:05
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  • The company Terra Sola invests 3, 5 milliard dollars in the alternative energy sector of Egypt

    The leaders of the worldwide solar energy industry get into the Egyptian market set for enormous expansion. The Arabian company Terra Sola was the fir..

    05.05.2015, 06:05
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  • The Project on biogas extraction in Ontario reached its crucial stage

    The company Walker Group passed an important milestone in its project, which can help reduce the carbon dioxide emissions and fight the climate change..

    05.05.2015, 01:05
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  • Swiss enthusiasts revealed the hidden facets of solar energy

    Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg set off from Abu Dhabi Airport to fly around the world on a solar-powered plane. The airplane called Sola..

    04.05.2015, 01:05
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  • The company RWE has set up a new electric power station, which uses alternative fuel

    The power station of 65 megawatts in capacity can produce thermal energy and electricity as well, it is situated in Markinch, in Five, the historic co..

    04.05.2015, 08:05
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