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Oil prices boost up to $49 on account of higher demand, suggested by latest data

The latest data analysis showed the rising demand for oil in biggest consumer-countries worldwide during the last half of the year. A noticeable leap ..

07.10.2015, 07:10
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  • US oil prices instability: impact factors

    Oil prices scaled down by about 1 percent on Thursday because of meteorological warning and unstable situation in Syria. Friday, the 2ndof October, an..

    06.10.2015, 07:10
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  • Bioenergy sustainability is criticized by coalition of environmental NGOs

    In their latest paper, a NGO coalition from the EU member countries, gives the account of bioenergy as the main source of renewable energy in the majo..

    04.10.2015, 08:10
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  • Ukrainian agrarians appreciated the benefits of fuel pellets

    There is an increasing number of minor hothouse facilities move to the usage of wood pellets. Tense situation in the energy sector and the growth of e..

    03.10.2015, 06:10
  • Views: 660

  • Drax follows the biomass strategy

    UK's biggest power station sticks to a strategy of developing of the renewable energy sources. On successful reformatting of three plant units, they a..

    03.10.2015, 09:10
  • Views: 1305

  • Biomass supplies: new terms in the Netherlands

    Recently the Netherlands has been changing the key issues in their energy policy. This development can influence their partners, giving them new deman..

    02.10.2015, 06:10
  • Views: 1157

  • Ukraine reduces consumption of import gas

    For over 2014, more than 400 objects of a social sphere were transferred to the usе of solid fuel. According to the data of open sources, solid fuel ..

    01.10.2015, 02:10
  • Views: 679

  • Viridis Energy Inc. announces 2015 year to date financial results

    The total revenue increased by 18%, compared to the corresponding period of the previous year. Affiliated companies attribute to the financial results..

    29.09.2015, 08:09
  • Views: 835

  • The producers of sunflower husk pellets may experience a shortage of raw materials in the marketing year 2015

    Such forecasts have been caused by decrease of the acreages under crop and decline in the oil-bearing processing amounts. Thus, a shortage of raw mate..

    28.09.2015, 08:09
  • Views: 737

  • 2015 rapeseed harvest in Europe: overview

    A situation with scaling down of 2015 rapeseed harvest is observed both throughout Europe and in other producer countries. The 2014 index is unreachab..

    27.09.2015, 06:09
  • Views: 1177

  • Macquarie Group provides financial support to MGT power

    A large-scale renewable energy plant is to be set in Teeside, UK. The new 299 megawatt enterprise will contribute to the achieving of UK's renewable e..

    25.09.2015, 05:09
  • Views: 852

  • Solar energy will create 1.000 workplaces within 2 years in the United Arab Emirates

    Such data were published by the International Renewable Energy Agency, forcasting a growth of the industry by 18% within two years. A similar for..

    24.09.2015, 01:09
  • Views: 1044

  • 2016 rapeseed harvest in Ukraine is imperilled

    Summer droughts may threaten the next year rapeseed yield, which may give its prices additional support. Rapeseed harvest dynamics In 2015 rapeseed ha..

    21.09.2015, 05:09
  • Views: 998

  • Rapeseed biodiesel collapse in Europe

    Many factors, recently emerging on the energy market, resulted in falling of the demand for rapeseed-based biodiesel. Policy alternations, low prices ..

    18.09.2015, 05:09
  • Views: 989

  • BG and Shell: large-scale integration on the oil market approved by European Commission

    The business world had no opportunity to observe such a huge fusion affair since 1999, when merging of Exxon Mile – American multinational oil a..

    16.09.2015, 05:09
  • Views: 828