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British energy efficiency policy faces the challenge: how to win back confidence?

Recent Energy Efficiency Trends survey revealed that government energy policy was losing confidence of suppliers in Q2. Nevertheless, consumers remain..

22.10.2015, 09:10
  • Views: 645

  • Energy efficiency challenge: how Ecova copes with it

    American company Ecova, which conducts energy efficiency audit, announced having acquired Retroficiency. This merge will make it possible for both com..

    21.10.2015, 09:10
  • Views: 634

  • Renewable energy course for Panama: 500 MW Solar Energy Project by SkyPower

    As Panama has chosen a new energy course, orienting on renewable energy sources, new investing into this field are welcomed. SkyPower announces about ..

    21.10.2015, 05:10
  • Views: 896

  • Utilita breaks Britain’s energy policy rules

    Utilita was ordered to pay penalty totaling £560 000 for energy switching ban. OFGEM regulatory announced that company’s actions were..

    20.10.2015, 08:10
  • Views: 616

  • Renewable Energy perils in Spain and Italy

    The regulatory programs of renewable energy in Spain and Italy are said to imply efficiency risks for further development, according to Moody's Invest..

    20.10.2015, 05:10
  • Views: 669

  • Energy policy: new challenges for the Oxford Town Council

    The Oxford Town Council adopted two resolutions touching energy issue. They aim to reduce traditional electricity consumption, involve the alternative..

    19.10.2015, 09:10
  • Views: 516

  • Energy policy priorities differ among US presidential candidates

    There is no unity of opinions about how climate and energy challenges should be addressed in USA. The Democratic presidential candidates are searching..

    16.10.2015, 05:10
  • Views: 598

  • Renewable energy development in Germany – an example to follow

    Germany is a massive energy consumer. Nuclear power phase-out, meeting of the EU environmental targets, GHG emissions reducing contributed to country'..

    16.10.2015, 11:10
  • Views: 882

  • Public Utilities in Colombia will carry out tests of a new kind of fuel pellets

    During the summer of the current year, the tests on the usage of a new kind of the wood-free pellets will be carried out, as the spokesman of Colambia..

    15.10.2015, 08:10
  • Views: 575

  • EU to allocate 45 million euro for growth of Ukrainian power industry

    The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has indorsed the contract on receiving the non-repayable targeted aid in the amount of 45 million euro. These fund..

    15.10.2015, 11:10
  • Views: 453

  • The most efficient rooftop solar panels so far: SolarCity – Panasonic contest

    On October 2 SolarCity announced about their new solar panels efficiency achievement. But their record-setting attainment was exceeded in the several ..

    15.10.2015, 09:10
  • Views: 770

  • Royal Dutch Shell obtained a permit by the European Commission to purchase BG Group

    The European Commission approved Royal Dutch Shell and BG Group merger. It is the biggest acquisition transaction made during the 21th century. Histor..

    14.10.2015, 06:10
  • Views: 651

  • EIB promotes Green Bond market development

    The European Investment Bank seems to be the best green bonds issuing performer, linking its individual green bonds to their own projects and advancin..

    14.10.2015, 11:10
  • Views: 553

  • Verkhovna Rada decereased Green Tariff for the solar electric power

    The Ukrainan parliament adopted the law on providing competitive conditions of electric power production from alternative energy sources. In the world..

    13.10.2015, 08:10
  • Views: 511

  • Experts consider Egyptian alternative energy market as a North African potential leader

    The authorities in Egypt defined alternative energy as one of the main development directions of country due to availability of natural resources nece..

    13.10.2015, 06:10
  • Views: 734