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"It`s such a great heritage," says TimberKing President Will Johnson. "Every week we get a call from someone who`s still cutting with a Belsaw mill his dad or granddad bought. I want my children to get those calls from my customers` children, saying their fifty-year-old mill is still going strong."

TimberKing began making portable band mills in 1989.

"We were not the first company to make a portable bandmill," Johnson points out. "And this put us at a real advantage: It was easy to look for something simpler, better, stronger than the other designs. Something a guy could hand down to his grandkids."

TimberKing has long been one of the most innovative forces in the portable band mill market. TimberKing was the first portable mill company to introduce hydraulic chain log turners, hydraulic vertical log stops, standard computer set-works and hydraulic roller toe boards. These features that began with TimberKing have since been widely imitated in the Portable Sawmill industry.

"We want our customers to have the most innovative products available, period," Johnson says. "But we also insist on having the kind of quality and service that has kept us in business for almost 75 years. There are a lot of folks out there today making bandmills, but you have to ask yourself: where were they twenty years ago? Where are they going to be twenty years from now? Along with everything else, the answers to these questions are what set TimberKing apart from the others."

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