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Novi Grad
Large capacity wood pellets production

We are one of the largest wood pellets producer in Bosnia & Herzegovina with a production of 7 tons per hour. Our pellets meet the standards of E..

  • 826
  • 25.05.2017, 09:05
130.00 EUR

I represent company from Slovakia. We are able to offer you wood pellets with or without transport. Could you give me more information about your comp..

  • 267
  • 21.05.2017, 07:05

We are going to invest to torrefied pellet plant. Expected start-up is at the end of 2018.  Product is targeted for European markets. If you ar..

  • 316
  • 15.05.2017, 11:05

We are selling 6 mm wood pellets from pure pine. Pellets are of premium quality and white/yellow colour. Pellets can be bagged in 15 or 16 kg bags and..

  • 319
  • 10.05.2017, 07:05

Our company based in Slovakia can supply high volume of wood pellets with EN plus certificate. If you would contact us, we could discuss the details. ..

  • 297
  • 30.04.2017, 12:04
Wood Pellet 6mm to 8mm for domestic and small scale systems

We can meet your demand for Wood pellets. Yes we can package it in Big bag as you want Standard DIN + EN plus – A1 EN ..

  • 331
  • 30.04.2017, 04:04

We have high quality wood pellet made from Acacia (babool) tree. They are cleanest solid fuel and heating capacities from 8000 to 90000 Btu per hour. ..

  • 299
  • 29.04.2017, 08:04
125.00 USD
Ha Noi
Wood pellets Supply in large quantities

Our company is established in 2004. We supply wood pellets in large quantities to many countries in the world  Our product as follow : Wood pe..

  • 319
  • 22.04.2017, 10:04
140.00 USD

WOOD PELLET SPECIFICATION  made from sawdust  calorific value 4539kcal/kg  ash content < 1%  density 1.270kg/liter  Diame..

  • 626
  • 13.04.2017, 10:04

We have a company wich sells pellets and briquets to end costumers in Slovenia. I'm interested in pellets and I want to know few things: - what i..

  • 385
  • 07.04.2017, 01:04

We are company from Lithuania we supplying all type of wood including wood pellets, is there any possibility you would be to try our product, we can a..

  • 362
  • 28.03.2017, 11:03
Sao Bento Do Sul

Enterprise on final phase of industrial structural definition, conducting a market study looking for partners. Clients in Europe for long date pellet ..

  • 339
  • 27.03.2017, 03:03
165.00 EUR

Selling Wood Pellets with the lowest prices on the market. Any kind of pellets with any quantity you company might need. All the necessary documents a..

  • 613
  • 27.03.2017, 12:03
Wood pellets / eko pellets

We are a trading company that sells wood pellets to the EU. We have extensive experience in import-export. We have high demands on product quality. We..

  • 395
  • 26.03.2017, 11:03
120.00 EUR
Wood pellet grade A DIN+

Product Name:Wood Pellet Ash :0.5 to 0.6 Shape:Stick Color: light Yellow Burning Rate 90-95% Calorific Value 4800kcal Diameter:6mm or 8mm Density :640..

  • 358
  • 21.03.2017, 10:03