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Sweden consumes 20% of wood pellets worldwide and demand is growing.

Consumes 20% of wood pellets worldwide

The EU resolution to use more than 20% of renewable energy by 2020 has prompted quick development of wood pellets manufacturing in Europe, Sweden and Germany. Industry experts forecast rapid pellets usage growth in Denmark and UK within following 10 years.

International financial crisis and strict credit limitation did not influence wood pellets demand and investments in pellet plants. In some countries the world financial crisis have positively influenced over the biomass industry sector development, as politicians have often promoted bio energy and pellet heating industry application.

Forest industry, timberland owners and forest resources sector weak research in past years have driven a lot of attention to bio energy sector. Most of the companies interested in bio energy sector have historically been in the business connected with oil exploitation and energy generation of fossil fuels.

The biggest development of biomass sector has taken place in Europe mainly due to EU resolution to use 20% of renewable energy by 2020.

Actually, Sweden is the biggest wood pellets user, which used 20% of manufactured wood pellets amount. In order to correspond with the demand of fast growing market, the country made approximately 1.6. million tons in 2008 and imported 300.000 more from other European Countries and Canada. Wood industry professionals detect no signs of sector slow down and forecast annual growth between 8-10 % in following years.

Europe currently has 450 plants the pellets manufacturers and plans to build more within following years. Industry professionals forecast the biggest biomass usage in UK, Sweden and Germany, as well as investments in domestic energy sector and imports increase.

Wood sector experts inform that pellets prices have the tendency to grow within past seven years. Swedish prices have always been much bigger than the prices in Central Europe, but in 2009, this country encountered the biggest prices decrease due to prices similarity at Germany and Australia. Industry experts expect wood fiber costs increase related with operational costs growth and this may result in pellets prices growth after few month crisis.

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Sweden consumes 20% of wood pellets worldwide and demand is growing.


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