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Pellet producers in Ukraine 2012

Marketing specialists of the Ukrainian Biofuel Portal analyzed the proposals regarding selling wood pellets (granules) admitted to the portal from January to December 2012. Based on the data received there was composed the base of Ukrainian producers and suppliers of wood pellets for the year 2012. The base presented successfully completes the previous bases of producers and suppliers of this energy resource and allows to trace the dynamics of the solid biofuels market (in particular wood pellet sector) since 2008.

Format of the base: table .xls
Release: 12.12.2012
Total number of items
: 126

The analysis of the base lets reveal that in 2012 44 producers and 82 suppliers of wood pellets were registered on the portal . These figures significantly prevail over the ones of the last year, namely the producers - 92% more, suppliers - 27% more. This is primarily due to a significant increase in demand for wood pellets in the world market. In addition, the consumption of this energy source in the country though slowly yet it grows.

The producers and suppliers presented in the base, are concentrated in such Ukrainian regions as Volynskaya, Dnepropetrovskaya, Donetskaya, Zhytomirskaya, Zakarpatskaya, Zaporozhskaya, Ivano-Frankovskaya, Kievskaya, Lvovskaya, Nikolayevskaya, Odesskaya, Poltavskaya, Rovenskaya, Sumskaya, Ternopolskaya, Kharkovskaya, Khersonskaya, Khmelnytskaya, Cherkasskaya, Chernihovskaya, Chernovitskaya.

Analyzing the prices of wood pellets, we may see that they range between 67 to 150 euro per ton. Depending on the season average prices range from 95 to 109 euro per ton.

Table 1. Statistics on the technical characteristics of wood pellets presented in the base

The analysis of the proposed volumes lets reveal that they range from 20 to 5000 tons per month.

Wood pellet packaging and delieveries

The producers and suppliers of wood pellets offer such types of packaging of their production as big bags (1000 kg), bags (10-30 kg) and shrink film. Big bags is the most common type of packaging.

The most common delivery terms: EXW, FCA, DAF, DDU, DDP, self-delivery is also possible.

The users of base can take advantage of such information about producers and suppliers of wood pellets as a company name, its full contact information (address, phone, fax, email and skype), the proposed volumes and prices of production, its technical characteristics, type of packaging, the presence of certificates and delivery conditions. Then brief descriptions of the proposals follow.

The presented base can become a very useful tool for studying the Ukrainian market of solid biofuels (wood pellets) and the structure of this energy resource export from Ukraine. In addition, this source of information will allow to evaluate the investment attractiveness of the industry, the state and prospects of forming the internal market of fuel pellets, as well as the potential and prospects of the Ukrainian industry of manufacturing this type of alternative fuel.

In addition, this base may help existing and potential buyers of wood pellets to analyze and assess the offers of production which are actual for today, and then choose the most beneficial forms of cooperation with the producers and suppliers.

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