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Maine Energy Systems (USA) will produce wood pellet boilers

Energy Systems (USA) will produce wood

Maine Energy Systems (MESys) company located in Bethel signed the agreement with the plant OkoFEN (Austria) which produces wood pellet boilers. Thus according to this agreement the Austrian organization will manufacture its production in the Maine state for the following distribution on the market of the USA.

For the time being MESys sell their heating systems under the license from OkoFEN. This agreement is intended to bring Maine Energy Systems to the next stage of its development and help to become the biggest producer of solid fuel boilers all over the country. The company’s administration informed that 50 new working places for manufactures and 50 new vacancies connected with equipment installation and wood pellet delivery will appear at the plant soon (in Oxford Country).

Maine Energy Systems had a trail period during the last half a year, yet not long ago (on the eve of the following heating season) the company increased its production volumes significantly. According to the contract signed with OkoFEN, within the process of boilers’ production the equipment component parts will be produced by MESys itself or purchased from other plants if necessary.

OkoFEN produced their first boiler functioning on solid fuel in 1997. Since then they have already installed 40 000 items of such equipment on the territory of Western Europe. At the same time, working under the license from OkoFEN, Maine Energy Systems sell their heating AutoPellet System on the markets of the USA and Canada.

The agreement signed by MESys, is supposed to be a company’s stimulus to grow and will let it penetrate the Northeastern market with its fully automated wood pellet boilers and wood pellets, which the plant will be able to sell in bulk.

Maine Energy Systems have already trained more than 400 contractors to install and support their solid fuel boilers. Having received this experience, these contractors installed hundreds of such fuel systems in lots of municipal and institutional buildings as well as in dwelling houses of the Northeastern part of the USA.

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Maine Energy Systems (USA) will produce wood pellet boilers


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