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In 2012 the amount of charcoal supply offers in Ukraine increased by 18%

2012 the amount of charcoal supply offers in

This was reported by the analysts of Ukrainian Biofuel Portal who analyzed the proposals from charcoal producers and suppliers over the past year.

The popularity of charcoal annually increases both in Ukraine and abroad. Today this fuel is actively purchased by the domestic companies supplying the products for picnics; also it is bought by the owners of restaurants and cafes where meals are cooked on an open fire. Charcoal is widely used in industrial sphere, it is widely applied in metallurgy, for manufacturing some medicines, fertilizers and animal feed.

Europe in turn is also increasing its purchases of Ukrainian charcoal. This is facilitated by fairly strict environmental standards in the EU, as well as the continuous rise in the cost of coal and firewood. Incidentally, the charcoal has the number of advantages if to compare it with conventional fuels. It burns for a long time, and the high temperature is reached within 15-20 minutes. While burning it does not smoke and does not emit harmful substances to atmosphere.

The experts say that Ukrainian charcoal market has pretty serious potential and bright prospects. First, the country's total volume of timber resources is about 1.8 billion cubic meters. Therefore, charcoal production business (in case of a favorable location) will be well supplied with raw materials. Secondly, the production of this fuel does not require special knowledge and large investments. This business has a very quick payback period, and the profitability of the enterprise is 80-200% depending on the raw material, technology, the quality of the final product, etc.

Analysts report that as of today in Ukraine a fairly good situation has been developed for charcoal burners. As a result, the number of producers and suppliers of this product is constantly growing, also the sales in both domestic and foreign markets are being increased. If we analyze the database of charcoal producers and suppliers in Ukraine for 2012-I quarter of 2013 (prepared by Ukrainian Biofuel Portal) we will see that in 2012 the number of sellers of this fuel in Ukraine grew by 18%. This figure indirectly indicates to a significant increase in the activity of bioenergy sector "players", as well as to the development of the domestic charcoal market as a whole.

Currently, more than a half of Ukrainian charcoal is manufactured by small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. Charcoal is often produced on the wood processing enterprises, which thanks to this production effectively utilize their wood waste and besides this earn additional profit.

Sergei Kozlov

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In 2012 the amount of charcoal supply offers in Ukraine increased by 18%


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