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Wood briquettes

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Wood sawdust pellets

Spec.: wood sawdust-pine or other hardwoodDiameter: 6MM 8MM 10MMLength: 10MM--15MM Moisture: ≤ 13% Calorie: ≥ 4300KCAL/KG Ash: 0.5% Densit..

17.01.2012, 09:01
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  • Gdynia
    We sell large quantities of wood briquettes

    Hello, We sell large quantities of wood briquettes. We will establish permanent cooperation with customers. Please contact us.

    09.11.2009, 06:11
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  • Agadir
    Wood briquettes in Morocco

    Цe are a morrocan company producing first quality wood briquettes from our own secondary material. We have competitive price for delivery to UK, Ire..

    25.11.2015, 04:11
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  • Poltava
    Fuel briquettes offer

    We offer fuel briquettes Piny Kay at negotiated prices.

    04.11.2015, 09:11
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  • Saint-Petersburg
    Producing and selling RUF briquettes

    For sale are high quality wood briquettes manufactured at own facilities in compliance with European standards. Fuel briquettes from sawdust (softwoo..

    10.09.2015, 04:09
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  • Roslavl
    Sell Wood briquettes PINI & KAY

    The manufacturer puts up for sales briquettes (firewood) PINI & KAY. The package is 10 kg, wrapping in a film. The edges of each briquette are cle..

    Price: 100.00 EUR

    03.09.2015, 02:09
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  • Helsinki
    High quality wood briquettes

    For sale are high quality wood briquettes manufactured in a sustainable manner in ompliance with European standards. Wood briquettes:  Moisture..

    Price: 110.00 EUR

    20.08.2015, 02:08
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  • Nizhny Novgorod
    Producing and selling RUF briquettes

    The company is a manufacturer of wood RUF briquettes at own facilities from its own raw materials. Currently opened shop in the Nizhny Novgorod r..

    Price: 90.00 EUR

    13.07.2015, 06:07
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  • Romanow
    Briquettes Pini kay (Oak)

    Fuel briquettes is pollution-free product, without any harmful substances and is ideal for heating of different kinds of apartment; as in terms of hea..

    Price: 90.00 EUR

    09.07.2015, 06:07
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  • Kiev
    Selling Pini Kay briquettes

    We sell Pini Kay briquettes. Send the offer.

    05.06.2015, 02:06
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  • Shijiazhuang
    Offering sawdust briquettes from 100% natural raw material

    We offer sawdust briquettes from 100% natural raw material, without chemicals, no odor, no smoke, no spark. High heating value: 7500-8500 kcal. Burnin..

    05.06.2015, 02:06
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  • Nigniy Tagil
    Offering Nestro briquettes

    We are offering Nestro briquettes. Volume: 200-500 tons per month. Price: 4000 RUB/ton. Send the offer.

    28.05.2015, 01:05
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  • Yekaterinburg
    Wholesale of Pini Kay briquettes

    We offer wholesale of Pini Kay briquettes. Send the offer.

    25.05.2015, 08:05
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  • Breda
    Pini-kay wood briquettes

    Our company produces and sells pini-kay fuel briquettes (tetrahedral type) from hardwood sawdust (beech, oak). Production is located in Transcarpathia..

    Price: 125.00 EUR

    26.03.2015, 09:03
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  • giza
    Fine wood briquettes for monthly quantities

    wood briquettes available for export from egypt MOQ : 50 TONS *competitive prices for large quantities. *ease of shippment from different egyptian ..

    07.03.2015, 02:03
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