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Expobioenergía 2012

Sectors:Exploitation of agricultural and forestry biomassProduction and distribution of pellets and chips; storage, selection and dryingModular plants..

12.07.2012, 12:07
  • Views: 1808


    RENEXPO* SOUTH-EAST EUROPE, Romania's largest and most important renewable energy and energy efficiency event, comes back with the 5th edition to the ..

    20.06.2012, 02:06
  • Views: 1820

  • Save the PLANET: 4th Conference and Exhibition on Waste Management, Recycling, Environment for South-East Europe

    Save the PLANET: 4th Conference and Exhibition on Waste Management, Recycling, Environment for South-East Europe 29-31 May 2013, Sofia, Bulgaria. O..

    31.05.2012, 11:05
  • Views: 1926

  • ZeroEmisison Rome 2012

    Important new entries for the eight edition of ZEROEMISSION ROME, the event dedicated to renewable energies, environmental sustainability, the fight a..

    15.05.2012, 04:05
  • Views: 1543

  • Energy Efficiency in Industry 2012 - eceee Industrial Summer Study

    Papendal Hotel and Conference Centre, Arnhem, The Netherlands 11–14 September 2012After 20 years of successful traditional Summer Studies, ece..

    21.04.2012, 10:04
  • Views: 1703

  • REFF-Wall Street 2012

    Join the cream of the USA renewable energy industry crop as REFF-Wall Street returns to New York City’s Waldorf=Astoria for its 9th edition.It ..

    20.04.2012, 09:04
  • Views: 1620


    We would like to invite you to participate in the 10th edition of the International Fair of Devices and Technologies for Pellet and Briquette Industr..

    20.04.2012, 09:04
  • Views: 2519

  • The Solar Energy Summit

    Significant solar potential in the regions Turkey, Ukraine, Romania and Greece have catapulted the countries to the verge of becoming leading solar po..

    21.04.2012, 02:04
  • Views: 1847

  • The New Energy Partnering Congress

    Swiss Re Centre for Global DialogueMay 31 & June 1, 2012, Zurich (Switzerland)There are numerous renewable energy projects. However, finding suita..

    20.04.2012, 10:04
  • Views: 1663

  • All-Energy Exhibition & Conference

    All-Energy Exhibition & Conference is the UK’s largest renewable energy event taking place in ‘Europe’s Energy City’, A..

    22.04.2012, 09:04
  • Views: 1532

  • 3rd Renewable Energy Finance Forum - Canada

    The 3rd Renewable Energy Finance Forum - Canada will address the changes in the renewables market in Canada and analyse the reaction from the finan..

    17.04.2012, 09:04
  • Views: 1729

  • Wind Energy in Mexico Finance & Investment Summit 2012

    The First Summit in 2012 to Focus Exclusively on Finance & Investment in Mexican Wind Energy Meet Leading Mexican Government Officials from CFE, C..

    17.04.2012, 07:04
  • Views: 1459

  • Power Generation Asset Financing Summit

    The Executive Briefing offers an excellent opportunity to gain high-level insight into the major trends impacting the value of power assets. You will ..

    21.04.2012, 02:04
  • Views: 1560

  • Advanced Renewable Energy Project Finance & Analysis

    Acquire the Techniques to Structure & Analyze Renewable Energy Projects to Optimize FinancingRisk assessment and mitigation in renewable energy pr..

    17.04.2012, 07:04
  • Views: 1382

  • BOSTER 2012

    BOSTER, acronym of Bosco (forest) and Territorio (territory) is the biggest Italian outdoor event focused on the enhancement of forest resources and t..

    12.04.2012, 12:04
  • Views: 2133

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