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Abundant Biofuels Corporation

Abundant Biofuels Corporation

Vision is to become the dominant producer of biodiesel from Jatropha curcas in developing countries throughout the world that must import the majority of their diesel oil. Unlike most other international biofuels companies, ABC will sell its refined bio-diesel in-country.

Forward Thinking in selecting jatropha curcas as the feed stock for production of biofuel. Jatropha curcas is a tree that can thrive in marginal, underused land in drought conditions. It is not a food crop so that the diversion of its seeds for biofuel will not produce world hunger. It is very efficient producer of energy as the chart at the shows the net energy produced by various biofuel feedstocks.

Green Company as the projects in the Philippines alone will sequester 13,300,000 metric tons of carbon to aid in the war on global warming. The biofuel produced from the jatropha curcas burns much cleaner than petrol-diesel.

Control of Feedstock through the integration of the farming operation with the refining process, ABC is unlike other companies which have invested only in refineries.

Commitment to improving the working conditions and welfare of the local workers who farm our crop. We will allocate a portion of our net income to building infrastructure where needed in the form of schools, clinics, roads, wells, and other local support facilities.

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