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Canadian Solar redeems Recurrent Energy, LLC controlled by Sharp Corporation

Sharp and Canadian Solar announced about signing the final agreement in amount of $265 million on February 2. After completing the deal Canadian Solar..

23.03.2015, 10:03
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  • 2015 India starts with Adani and SunEdisson joint project

    The largest in the country solar panel plant will be started up in India in 2018. Ahmed Chatila, a Chief Executive at SunEdison announced the amount o..

    23.03.2015, 05:03
  • Views: 96

  • In 2015 oil quotations influence the alternative fuel market

    Alternative fuel manufacturers experience huge losses after traditional fuel prices reached a five-year-minimum. To stay competitive biodiesel manufac..

    23.03.2015, 12:03
  • Views: 75

  • US President Barak Obama rejected the project in green firing coal at Ameren company’s thermal power station

    The white House has rejected the project with total cost of $1,7 billion. The project’s aim was to show the green coal energy potential. The key..

    19.03.2015, 09:03
  • Views: 102

  • Monstera small enterprise is about to produce biofuel

    Monstera company intends to purchase a sugar plant in Western Ukraine. As Maksim Schvets, CEO announced they were dealing with an issue of launching t..

    19.03.2015, 08:03
  • Views: 104

  • Alternative energy prospects in relation to oil crisis

    Sharp fall of oil quotation caused disputes as for alternative energy investment suitability. During last decade most countries from all over the worl..

    19.03.2015, 06:03
  • Views: 276

  • Apple Inc. creates a new data center on solar panels in Arizona

    Re-equipment cost value of the existing plant of sapphire crystal production in the city of Mesa, Arizona amounted to $2 billion. Doug Ducey, State Go..

    19.03.2015, 12:03
  • Views: 58

  • Pan Kurchak group started using straw as alternative fuel

    According to the announcement made by Pan Kurchak agroindustrial group’s press office the total capacity of 'Agrotehnika' LLC elevator which was..

    19.03.2015, 10:03
  • Views: 55

  • German manufacturers underproduced 0,5 GW limit of photovoltaic capacity improvement

    Total power capacity of solar panels implemented in 2014 was 2,9 GW which was lower limits set by the government at 2,4 – 2,6 GW level. Accordin..

    18.03.2015, 03:03
  • Views: 155

  • Pellet market analysts are extremely cautious about their forecasts for 2015

    According to the cost summary for wood pellets in Ukraine for the period of January and February 2015 published at Ukrainian biofuel portal pellets-wo..

    18.03.2015, 12:03
  • Views: 362

  • UPM Finnish company received the award foe biofuel development

    UPM Finnish company engaged with renewable energy sources production received the Euro Union award for achievements in alternative energy sources indu..

    16.03.2015, 11:03
  • Views: 153

  • UPM company and the Wildlife Protection Fund started cooperation in biofuel production industry

    UPM Finnish company with a local department of the Wildlife Protection Fund introduced joint plans for the further cooperation in biofuel from timber ..

    16.03.2015, 08:03
  • Views: 148

  • American researchers synthetically produced two types of biofuel from algae

    Specialists from the Wood Hole Oceanographic Institution and the West Washington University designed multiply synthesis methods of biofuel type using ..

    16.03.2015, 03:03
  • Views: 180

  • Japanese researchers developed a multiprocessing system of agricultural crops into silage and biofuel

    This development allows performing production directly at farm enterprise avoiding logistic costs. According to standard classification the first gene..

    13.03.2015, 10:03
  • Views: 195

  • The Green Investment Bank will provide 50 mln pounds for waste treatment

    Mathew Hancock, Minister of State at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills of Great Britain announced new investments for small-sized pro..

    13.03.2015, 09:03
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