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Wood Pellets vs. Torrefied Pellets: Which is Greener?

Wood pellets are widely recognized as one of the most eco-friendly types of fuel nowadays. It means that their qualitу could reduce the greenhouse ga..

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  • Mondelēz Ukraine put into operation a biogas utilization system

    According to the press release of the company, biogas produced in the process of water purification using membrane bioreactor is subject to utilizatio..

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  • Growing demand for cooking oil that’s been used is a reason for growing crimes related to "fluid treasure"

    Police catch seven suspects in secondhand cooking-oil case in Quebec On Thursday the police arrested seven people in Laval and Montreal suspected ste..

    25.08.2015, 10:08
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  • China’s rapeseed support initiative ceases to exist

    Selling of accumulated rapeseed oil might be a reason for declining demand on imported canola. The experts insist that the ending of the main rapesee..

    25.08.2015, 10:08
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  • The largest photoelectric park in Wales can be built on the site of BP Chemical Plant

    Developer company St Modwen intends to install 40,000 solar panels that will provide electricity for 2,000 private households. The company's managemen..

    08.08.2015, 01:08
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  • Drax's Haven Power makes £500 million deal with Thames Water

    Nowadays Drax's power station in Selby, Yorkshire, is the U.K.'s single largest provider of revolving energy Drax's power plant name comes from the cl..

    28.07.2015, 09:07
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  • Sunnova company offers consumers a new program of installing solar panels

    A feature of the program is the possibility of free installation of solar panels providing warranty and maintenance. According to Jordan Fryudzh, dire..

    01.07.2015, 06:07
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  • Aemetis company expanded its presence in the market of biofuels in India

    The company's management took this step in connection with the decision of the Indian government changed the rules for the implementation of biodiesel..

    01.07.2015, 06:07
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  • IBM, Walmart, and Dow Chemical сompanies announced increasing of the share of renewables in its energy consumption

    Intentions to reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions has led to the rapid development of alternative energy technologies such as solar, geothermal,..

    02.07.2015, 04:07
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  • Chinese investors will assess the situation in alternative energy in Ukraine

    The Chinese delegation, which included representatives of the China National Group Corporation of building materials (CNBM), and the Office of the Adv..

    30.06.2015, 06:06
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  • The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has forbidden distillery plants to produce biofuels

    According to the decree №319 from May 20, 12 distilleries owned by the state have been excluded from the list of companies eligible for the producti..

    30.06.2015, 06:06
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  • Ismail sunflower processor reopened

    Oil Extraction Plant "Bessarabia B" partially offset the value of added tax.  Alexander Gorbach, the director of the plant, said that received am..

    30.06.2015, 06:06
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  • The costs of the transition to solid fuel will be reimbursed to the residents of the Zaporozhye region

    The State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine continues the program of support of the population for the transition to alternati..

    30.06.2015, 05:06
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  • Two pellet plants will be launched in the Southern Arkansas (USA) until the end of 2016

    Work on putting the objectives into operation goes on schedule, to ensure the supply of pellets to Europe, transforming industrial power generation fr..

    26.06.2015, 03:06
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  • The EU refuses fossil fuels

    Directors of a number of energy companies have announced the termination of investment in the production of heat energy. In particular, the CEO of ene..

    27.06.2015, 02:06
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