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The Analysts of the pellet market show a considerable cautiousness in their forecasts for the year 2015

A price bulletin of wood pellets in Ukraine for January – February 2015, issued at Ukrainian Biofuel Portal indicates that the ..

17.04.2015, 06:04
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  • The Ukrainian agrarians will receive grants from the UNO for increasing energy efficiency

    According to the declarations of press cutting service of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency, the second stage of the competition for the projects ..

    17.04.2015, 03:04
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  • The British authorities impose more stringent requirements for the biofuel use

    In April 2015 the companies using biofuel set-ups will be obliged to prove that they use exclusively ecologically clean fuel. Otherwise, they will be ..

    17.04.2015, 06:04
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  • China finished 2014 by reducing the volume of vegetable oils import

    According to official statistics the total amount of import in December has decreased by 20% During the last quarter of 2014 it has been imported 2, 1..

    17.04.2015, 07:04
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  • The European prices for vegetable oil keep on slumping

    A protracted fall of oil quotations and the forecast for a high yield of oil-bearing crops weigh upon the prices for vegetable oil presenting threat t..

    16.04.2015, 05:04
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  • The scientists from the University of Minnesota consider that the alternative sources of energy can completely replace natural gas

    The prices for natural gas have reached their record minimum, nonetheless it does not signify that bioenergy has already exhausted its potentialities...

    16.04.2015, 04:04
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  • The use of alternative fuel on Barrow Island sparked a wave of public protest

    Barros Trading Ltd Company possessing a residential real estate in Barrow, Great Britain gained the permission to set up a boiler room using biofuel a..

    16.04.2015, 03:04
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  • A drop in prices for oil will not hold up the alternative energy development

    The foreign experts recommend the producers to refuse from focusing on fuel production and to start examining new markets. The current oil quotations ..

    16.04.2015, 03:04
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  • Market analysts expect a decrease in rape yield in the year of 2015

    A decrease may constitute 11% in comparison with the previous year Quotation of Euronext rape futures display a growth during the last two weeks in su..

    15.04.2015, 04:04
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  • The American scientists have put forward a new method of biomass fission

    A scientific-research group of New York University scientists declared a discovery of a new group of biocatalyzers capable of breaking up monotropic a..

    15.04.2015, 03:04
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  • An expert on biomass has been elected for a senior post in one of the major British Trade Association

    Neil Harrison, co-founder of the company from Northern Northumberland became a member of a board of directors of the Wood Fuel Producers Association. ..

    15.04.2015, 03:04
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  • Energy saving projects in the year of 2015 are supposed to attract a record amount of investments

    With all its advantages and disadvantages energy-saving proves to be the simplest, the cheapest and the ecologically cleanest way of power consumption..

    14.04.2015, 11:04
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  • The agrarians from Chernihiv forecast a perishing of rape crops

    According to the information of Chernihiv Regional State Administration Press cutting service, the winter variety crops in the region are under threat..

    13.04.2015, 11:04
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  • The Northern regions of the USA encounter the pellet deficit

    According to the report issued by the Pellet Association of the State of Maine, a cold winter, a rise in demand for pellets and a fallacious assessmen..

    14.04.2015, 08:04
  • Views: 106

  • U.S. public organizations intend to include in the standards of eco building the requirements about the use of biomass

    Such organizations as the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, the U.S. Green Building Council and the Illuminat..

    11.04.2015, 06:04
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