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The Mississippi state alleges fraud in the biofuel KiOR company

Vinod Khosla, a head of the KiOR company was charged with fraud and false representation. The Mississippi state government alleges fraud in Vinod Khos..

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  • Blue Ridge Biofuels starts up the new biofuel plant in 2015

    Despite the oil prices fall a new biofuel plant will start its work in Catawba County. The annual designed capacity amounts to 3 mln gallons of biofue..

  • Views: 59

  • 2015 will bring new difficulties for US biodiesel manufacturers

    Low prices for gas and diesel are a huge benefit for consumers but a disaster for alternative fuel producers. The economists forecast the gas prices i..

  • Views: 70

  • LUNA Holding GmbH installs the LED lamps in Zaporizhia in 2015

    Zaporizhia city government performs the municipal energy power plan. The main plan’s target is to reduce the natural gas consumption by the alte..

    27.02.2015, 08:02
  • Views: 40

  • The Utrecht University extends the alternative energy sources' research

    The Netherlands scientists introduced an opportunity to expand alternative fuel production with small environmental influence. They focused their..

    27.02.2015, 03:02
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  • Boeing and Embraer start aviation biofuel joint research

    To develop the aviation biofuel market Boeing and Embraer opened the joint research center in Brazil. The new center is located in the São..

    26.02.2015, 02:02
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  • AORA Solar Ltd. delayed the solar power station start up for 2015

    AORA company and Arizona University faced legal problems during their project implementation. Zev Rosenzweig, CEO, AORA Solar Ltd. Gave an interview a..

    25.02.2015, 09:02
  • Views: 66

  • Cornwall flooded shafts will be the source of biofuel since 2015

    The shafts cleaning project offered by the British researchers allows either reducing the pollution or biofuel producing. The new prospective project ..

    25.02.2015, 04:02
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  • Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole hospital in Hong Kong starts using the landfill gas in 2015

    The hospital administration started up the plan for the landfill gas usage. This institution was the first one that converted to the alternative energ..

    25.02.2015, 03:02
  • Views: 47

  • In 2015 Meriaura Group ordered two new biofuel vessels

    Meriaura Group, a Finnish ship owner ordered at Royal Bodewes, a Danish shipbuilding yard two EcoCoaster cargo ships with total deadweight of 470..

    24.02.2015, 08:02
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  • Since 2015 self-governing authorities will take again the control over the municipal waste industry

    Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine registered the projected law in giving back to the self-governing authorities the regulation functions of the wastes landfil..

    24.02.2015, 07:02
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  • Ukrainian scientists announced Ukraine can produce up to one million tons of biofuel in 2015

    Researchers from the bioenergy crops and sugar beet Institute from NAAS of Ukraine explained the tendencies of Ukrainian bioethanol market development..

    24.02.2015, 07:02
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  • Eco Energy will start the new project in Naberezhnye Chelny

    The representatives from Eco Energy, a Korean company with the major of biogas production ad waste recycling into fuel briquettes introduced their pro..

    24.02.2015, 07:02
  • Views: 55

  • Ak Inovex will patent new plastic recycling technology

    Mexican company has developed new plastic recycling methods without applying water. Nowadays plastic became an essential part of our life. Its feature..

    20.02.2015, 07:02
  • Views: 176

  • Members of the waste recycling market will try to decriminalize this branch in 2015

    13% of the country territory is covered with landfill sites, dumping sites and slug collecting points. Meanwhile waste recycling market is totally in ..

    19.02.2015, 06:02
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