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Radial Timber Sales

Radial Timber Sales

The process of radial sawing was specifically designed to maximise the recovery of sawn timber from smaller logs. As such, radial sawing has a range of both environmental and technical benefits. These range from helping to make indigenous hardwood plantations more viable to maximising the yield of high value timber products from a log. This is a summary of the main environmental and technical benefits that stem from radial sawing:
More timber out of a log

* Fewer trees are required to produce a given volume of timber.
* Potential for lower fuel usage, greenhouse emissions as well as negative impact on soil, water and native wildlife.
* Reduced reliance on manufactured building products that may actually have greater negative environmental impacts.
* Better planning for future timber requirements.
It is Radial timber’s plan to become self sufficient and totally sustainable by managing saw log plantations of durable hardwoods in Gippsland. It has a 20 year plan to establish up to 1000 hectares of Yellow Stringybark, Southern Mahogany, and Spotted Gum pruned and thinned plantations.

To date, 60 hectares have been planted at Woodside, Alberton and Sale with the oldest trees 3 years old (planted 2003). This is a long term commitment as we expect to harvest our first logs in 2020 but it is one we are totally committed to. In the short term, we intend to seek out and utilize whatever plantation material is available and to only process logs that have been obtained from sustainably managed forests.

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