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The overview of power engineering in Ukraine

Previous year was marked with several important events in the energy sector of the Ukrainian economy. Protracted negotiations between Ukraine and Rus..

20.02.2012, 07:02
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  • Wooden housing development: statistics and forecasts

    Wooden house is not only a luxury but also a guarantee of environmentally safe housing. The practice of construction of wooden buildings in the West ..

    19.02.2012, 07:02
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  • Raw materials and wood pellet production capacity in Germany

    About 30% of Germany is covered with woodland and the wood volume increases by about 60 million cubic metres per year. Bavaria is the most densely woo..

    12.05.2011, 09:05
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  • Developing Pellet market in Finland

    Pellet markets are growing phase in Finland especially in last year. Driving forces are the increased oil price and reduction of CO2 emission. Also in..

    12.05.2011, 08:05
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  • Wood pellets in Austria - new trends

    Raw Material Potential in Austria On average 11.5 million cubic metres of wood are processed in Austrian sawmills per year. Wood waste (mainly sawdust..

    12.05.2011, 08:05
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  • Wood pellet market in Denmark

    Wood pellets are a coming energy resource, due to many good qualities. Wood pellets is a very good efficient fuel, clean, dry, regular, well defined, ..

    03.05.2011, 04:05
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  • The pellet market in Sweden

    Today Sweden is the second largest producer of pellets after USA, and the largest pellet producer and user in Europe. The production of wood pellets i..

    03.05.2011, 03:05
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  • Wood Pellet Prices

    Farm and building supply stores provide forty pound packages of wood pellets for retail buying. However, for industrial purposes wood pellets must be ..

    24.09.2010, 09:09
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  • The state of Ukrainian liquid biofuel market in 2010

    The modern biofuel types can be divided into bioethanol (obtained at the distillery), biodiesel (made from rapeseeds, sunflower, straw), solid fuel (p..

    20.09.2010, 02:09
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  • The state of Ukrainian solid biofuel market in 2010

    In Ukraine the solid biofuel production is the most developed. More than 200 domestic producers who make solid granules (pellets) and briquettes from ..

    20.09.2010, 01:09
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  • Wood pellet market in Ukraine - overview

    Appr. 25 companies are involved in production of fuel pellets (including pellets produced from straw and husk) in Ukraine. The Ukrainian industry of f..

    27.08.2010, 03:08
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  • Market overview - sawn timber in Ukraine

    2,266 thn. cu.m. of sawn timber (boards or sawn processed timber} were manufactured in Ukraine. In 2008, which is by 10% less than in 2007 (2007 year ..

    27.08.2010, 03:08
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  • Netherlands wood pellets market development history.

    Netherlands have started to use pellets ten years only. It has started in 1990 when Dutch energy companies started to co-fire biomass and coal, but th..

    12.03.2010, 03:03
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  • Pellet market in Germany 2008

    Before starting analysis of the pellet market trends in Germany in 2008 it is necessary to give some general remarks about of pellet markets in Europe..

    25.11.2008, 02:11
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