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Pellet boilers manufacturing startup

The project of our company which concerns home boiler manufacturing has a remarkable potential to develop into a large, national (United States-based) company. Despite the difficult economy, we believe that our product line is essentially recession/depression- proof. Moreover, our carbon-neutral, biomass-based products will enjoy a robust market as the quest for affordable home heating options “kicks into high gear” this fall and winter. It is no secret that our country faces one of the most daunting challenges ever experienced in recent times in heating our homes and businesses this winter. Our company is in the enviable position of being the only US-based manufacturing facility to offer state-of-the-art heating solutions to completely replace fossil fuel heating appliances. Imagine the prospect of not having to worry about the price of heating fuel or natural gas ever again?

At present, the company remains the only American company proposing fully automated and integrated central heating systems for pellet fuels and integrated thermo solar energy. While it is true that the German and Austrian markets alone currently have more than 55 major manufacturing companies making a wide array of pellet heating appliances, the demand in their own countries and the ultra-weak dollar have essentially made these units an impractical option in the United States.

Albert Einstein once said that “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” The company has taken these words to heart in our overall system design and especially in our automated solid fuels handling features. Indeed, we are among the very few pellet furnace manufacturers that has taken the “tip the 50 lb bag into the hopper” out of the operation equation. Ease of operation and fully automated fuel-to-unit pellet feed supply is key to widespread consumer acceptance of these units. We are proud of the fact that our complete product line is “consumer friendly” and offers an immediate solution to the home heating crisis of the winter of 2008.

The business model that our company intends to emulate is centered on the huge success and popularity of these units over the past twenty years in Europe. Having personal knowledge and experience with these units, senior management at the company believes the time is ripe in this country for a similar level of exponential growth. As a prospective investor with our company, we believe that your partnership with us presents an unprecedented opportunity for all to reap what we envision will be an explosive growth market now and into the future. We are ready and positioned to begin mass production of the proposed heating technology -- startup of this project is just as simple as securing US certification and receipt of sufficient funds to enable the start of mass production.

Renewable energy solutions are a matter of national security and stability. We welcome your partnering with us in an exciting venture to lesson this country’s dependence on polluting petroleum fuels from hostile nations.
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    Pellet boilers manufacturing startup

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