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  • 2016 (I) – export of Ukrainian wood pellets increased by 28,8 %

    (I) – export of Ukrainian wood pellets

    The first three months of 2016 saw a 28,8% increase of Ukrainian wood pellets export as compared to the same period of the previous year. These rates show that Ukrainian manufacturers make productive efforts to expand available distribution areas as well as to find new ones. Moreover, this means that the level of wood pellet consumption is constantly increasing in the world and in Europe in particularly. Poland (11,657 tonnes), Italy (4,422 tonnes), the Czech Republic (3,603 tonnes) and the Slovak Republic (1,732 tonnes) are among the biggest importers of Ukrainian wood pellets in 2016. As compared to the first quarter of the previous marketing year, the list of the importing countries purchasing Ukrainian wood pellets has extended from 23 up to 27 countries. Made by the Ukrainian biofuel portal marketing experts, the analytic database gives detailed information on the export dynamics of Ukrainian wood pellets in each importing country.

    Sergey Kozlov, an expert of the Ukrainian Biofuel Portal, commented on the quarterly prices given in the database: "Price policies optimization based on the market analysis is instrumental in successful export operations. Our marketing experts made price matrices on export in the European countries on terms of delivery Free Carrier (FCA). This helps find out the most appropriate export price with unified delivery terms. Moreover, we give a few more tables with prices on the other terms of delivery (DAF, CIF, DDU, CRF, CIP, CPT, FOB, EXW, FCA). The provided data give interested Ukrainian and European market players the possibility to optimize further trading partnership".

    The Ukrainian export is Europe-oriented as the quality of Ukrainian wood pellets is relevant to the European standards. Minimizing the logistic expenses, which can significantly influence the final price, plays a very important role when the European trade partners make their decision in favor of wood pellets from Ukraine. Since the market is full of offers, only the detailed analysis and in-depth correct understanding of the marketing situation can help become a significant market player.

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    2016 (I) – export of Ukrainian wood pellets increased by 28,8 %


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