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Hive Energy is to develop the UK's solar energy market

Energy is to develop the UK's solar energy

Solar energy industry is facing bad times in the United Kingdom at present. As the government has decided to cut renewable energy subsidies recently, solar energy becomes quite expensive to generate. However, Hampshire-based solar developer Hive Energy announced plans to construct a new solar farm in the nearest future.

Hive Energy will build a solar farm in Hampshire

This 40-megawatt solar farm will be built by 2020 though there will be no more subsidies. It is expected that this site will be able to provide more than 9,000 homes with energy. What is more, if built, it will be included to the national grid. Solar farm is planned to be constructed on 72-hectares (178 acres) area at Woodington Farm in East Wellow near Romsey.

The proposed solar park site is to be placed within an open countryside. However, Hive Energy promises that solar farm will make no visual impact on the countryside landscape. In this case, company planes to plant hedgerows around the site, which is to cover less than 30 per cent of the land. Therefore, it will be hidden.

In addition, on its website Hive Energy informs that the solar park planned will be placed far from homes, farms and businesses. All the special features of landscape, such as St Margaret's Church, for instance, were taken into account. Therefore, the solar park site will be enclosed by hedges, trees and woodlands. That is to say that the view of solar farm will be minimal. It is an important solve the issue of view, as many citizens voice concerns that the visual impact of this site will be much bigger than it is claimed to be.

Furthermore, Tim Purbrick, commercial director for Hive Energy, claimed that citizens would receive access to the great part of area, totaling 12 hectares, which was not available before. He underlined, that Hive Energy intended to open borders of each of two solar park parts for walking and riding. These lands will be also provided with new walks, trails and conservation areas.

The construction of solar farm by Hive Energy requires approval

Nevertheless, the project of solar farm construction will be realized only in case of gaining approval. First, this plan was to go before Wellow Parish Council’s planning and general purposes committee on 17th of December. The final decision will be taken by Test Valley Borough Council planning chiefs in February 2016.

The construction phase is expected to last around 16 weeks and is to be finished by 2020. It is important to say that even if Hive Energy receives approval for solar farm project in 2016, the construction will not be launched before 2018. The reason is that the government of the United Kingdom cuts renewable energy subsidies and Hive Energy is waiting for time, which will be more appropriate in order to develop solar energy.

Other projects of Hive Energy

Solar farm in Hampshire is not the only project of Hive Energy. In 2012, this company announced the list of nine projects planned. Altogether they were totaling 60 megawatt. The capacity of each solar park was varying from 3 to 15 megawatt. They were expected to be built all over the United Kingdom: in Hampshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Devon and Wiltshire.

Moreover, in May 2015 Hive Energy received approvals for two similar projects. According to them, new solar park sites are to be constructed near Catterall, Lancashire and at Green Farm in Manningtree, Essex. The combined capacity of these two farms equates 13 megawatt. After having gained approval for construction projects, Hive Energy made a commitment to donate £28,000 to a local community fund.

Taking into account that there are hard times for solar energy in the United Kingdom at present, Hive Energy opens its offices abroad. For instance, company opened Middle East Regional Headquarters in Dubai in September 2015. Giles Redpath, Hive Energy’s CEO, considers that UAE is a promising market, as solar energy is booming in this country. Therefore, this new office will focus on developing solar photovoltaic opportunities.

In summary, Hampshire-based solar energy company, Hive Energy, has announced a plan to build a solar plant at Woodington Farm, though there will be no governmental subsidies. If approved, this site will be included to the national grid and will be able to provide more than 9,000 homes with electricity. Hive Energy also assures that solar farm will make no visual impact on the local landscape. In addition, solar park site near Woodington Farm is not the only project of Hive Energy. This company has already received two approvals for construction of solar farms in Lancashire and Essex. What is more, Hive Energy is going to conduct its activity abroad.

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Hive Energy is to develop the UK's solar energy market


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