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European importers of wood pellets from Russia 2014

On the grounds of Russian wood pellet import statistics the experts of Ukrainian Biofuel Portal prepared the database of buyers, importers of Russian wood pellets 2013-2014(4)

 Russia wood pellets

Release Date: 19/08/2014
Number of companies 2013: 287
Number of companies 2014(4): 165

The database includes the reliable data on 340 companies from more than 20 countries, in particular Germany, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Latvia, Hungary, USA, Korea, etc. In 2013 the imports of Russian wood pellets amounted to 1 million 200 thousand tons. 90% of pellets were imported to Europe and around 6% (75.5 thousand tons) – to South Korea. As of April, 2014 the wood pellet imports from Russia were about 470 thousand tons, i.e. 36% of the total last year’s volume.

Having analyzed the database statistics, the analytics of Ukrainian Biofuel Portal state that for the period January-April 2014 the imports of Russian wood pellets have increased by 120 thousand tons (around 25%) in comparison with the same period of the last year. However, it should be noted that it is observed a significant drop in demand for Russian wood pellets on the markets of Korea, Czech Republic, England, Norway and others. For the first four months of this year the imports have amounted less than 2% of the total last year’s volume there.

Wood pellts russia

The database provides the following information about the buyers of Russian wood pellets: company name, location (country, address), contact information (phone, fax, e-mail, Skype), the company's website, the name of the head, as well as data on the representative of the company.

Advantages of the information and analytical database:

  • the provided information will allow manufacturers or suppliers to significantly expand its customer base and trade area and, consequently, increase the volume of product sales;
  • the relevant data about the importers of Russian wood pellets will allow a buyer to qualitatively assess the situation on the Russian wood pellet market, to anticipate potential risks, and to assess possibilities of other competitors;
  • this information resource provides a holistic view of the dynamics of Russian wood pellet market over 2013-2014(4), allowing new companies to enter the market much faster and to develop an effective marketing strategy;
  • the database will also be useful for wood pellet manufacturers from other countries, whose proposals are more competitive and profitable.

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