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Wood pellets

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Wood Pellet Manufacturers

Wood Pellet Manufacturers Database Ukraine 2015-2016 (III)

The activity of wood pellet manufacturers for 2015-2016 (III quarter) was summed up and the database of manufacturing companies, comprising relevant data was formed. The database shows who is really producing. Quarter prices depending on the terms and packaging are presented.

Wood pellets

Database of wood pellet importers from Ukraine 2015 – 2016 (I)

The database contains valid and reliable data about the companies that have been purchasing wood pellets in Ukraine for 2015 - 2016 (І).

Wood pellet price

Prices on wood pellets: November 2015 - January 2016

Information and analytical bulletin #4 2016. The prices on wood pellets (granules): November 2015 - January 2016 in Ukraine.

Wood pellet export

Wood pellet export Ukraine 2014

Having done the analysis of solid biofuel export to the European countries from Ukraine for 2014 the market analysists of Ukrainian Biofuel Portal prepared the database of Ukrainian wood pellet exporters (granules) 2014.

Pellet Price January February 2015

The prices for wood pellets (granules): January - February 2015

Information and Analytical Bulletin #2 2015. The prices on wood pellets: January - Fabruary 2015 in Ukraine. Prices and Volumes stats by companies including contact information.

Wood pellet prices

Wood pellet prices in Ukraine (october - december) 2014

Information and analytical report on wood pellet prices in Ukraine for October, November, December 2014. The statistis by companies is given, providing also their contact information.

Russia wood pellets

Wood pellets from Russia buyers and importers database 2013-2014

Russian wood pellet buyers and importers database for 2013-2014 has been released. You will know who has been buying pellets in Russia.

Wood pellet producers

Wood granules (pellet) exporters and producers in Ukraine 2013

The marketeers of Ukrainian Biofuel Portal did traditional export analysis of wood pellet companies in Ukraine and prepared information database of wood pellet producers and exporters for 2013.

Ukrainian Wood Pellet Exporters Database 2012

Having analysed the statistcs of solid biofuel export from Ukraine for 2012 the market analysts of Ukrainian Biofuel Portal made up the Database Ukrainian Wood Pellet (Solid Biofuel) Exporters Database 2012.

European Importers Database and Rating of Ukrainian Wood pellets 2012

European Importers Database and Rating of Ukrainian Wood pellets 2012. Having studied export statistics of solid biofuel from Ukraine, the marketing analysts of Ukrainian Biofuel Portal pellets-wood.c >>

Final release of the base of pellet producers and suppliers from Ukraine 2012

Pellet producers in Ukraine 2012 Marketing specialists of the Ukrainian Biofuel Portal analyzed the proposals regarding selling wood pellets (granules) admitted to the portal from January to December >>