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The way how Ukrainian agribusiness companies produce biogas and receive an additional income

Almost all Ukrainian biggest agri-businesses have bioenergy complexes which save both electricity and gas consumption.

Biogas production in Ukraine

Volnovakha Biogas Plant located in Donetsk, Mariupol

For example, agri-industrial holding "Myronivsky Hliboproduct" uses the 5.5 MW biogas complex and started the construction of additional complex line.
"The second 10 MW line of the biogas complex is intended to commence operation in 2018." - annonces the Head of the "MHP EcoEnergy" Ivan Traksler. "The enterprise will become the world biggest biogas company which works on organic waste - as chicken droppings."

"It worth to add that within the Vinnytsia poultry plant grounds in 2017 we started to construct the first 10 MW line of the biogas complex" - he continued.

"The main project characteristic is that the idea allows not just product alternative electricity using biogas, but also save the steam and hot water consumption, which were produced at the end result of electricity producing process, for slaughtering complex of the poultry plant," - said Ivan Traksler. "Alternative energy for MHP it is not just a whim for one time, but an important issue, that has been intensely developed, not just in terms of energy independence.

"Astarta" agroholding Chief Operating Officer Zeljko Erceg said that Globino bioenergetic complex, constructed in 2014, was aimed on bagasse disposal and natural gas savings at sugar refinery. "As costs of sugar production almost 50% depend on energy consumption, we constantly strive for gas and electricity reductions - and now we have been succeeded in this." - he explains. "Gas usage per ton of sugar beet processing reduces in general for 5-10% every new season, 2017/2018 season compared with 24 m2, and in 2017 "Astarta" sugar unit reduced gas usage for 9%, electricity usage - for 5%."

"Also worth to say that in 2015 Globilo bioenergetic complex began to supply the soybean processing plant with biogas, for this purpose there was developed two kilometers biogas pipeline," - Zeljko Erceg adds.
"In the short term we are going to produce electricity, using biogas, and cell it feed-in tariff," - tells he. In July we are going to launch the first 2 MW cogeneration plant, but actually bioenergetic complex capacity in Globino allows to output cogeneration up to 12 MW. How fast we will evolve in this direction, now depends on many issues: macroeconomic, administrative and market issues, in particular, on pricing of biomass, that will be used for biogas production.

"Good Valley" ("Danosha") business has been actively developing bioenergetic direction. The first biogas plant company launched in 2013, and now a new 1.1 MW biogas plant is going to be constructed in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

In Ukraine during 2017 four complexes with average 7.33 MW power were renewed and started to produce biogas, the biggest 5.109 MW complex was launched by Ukraine-2001 company.

In Okny village, Odessa region, this year the Tradehouse "Vimeksim" finished the construction of the fist biogas complex line. "Gals Agro" pig farming complex and "Agrospetservis" company also recycle biowaste into biogas.

The main type of business of a new AGL Energy LTD company, registered under "Agroliga" founders, will become the electricity production by burning sunflowers flakes which agroholding plants have left after seed-oid end producing, and it’s feed-in tariff distribution.

Solar energy became the second popular direction of the alternative energetics that is being targeted by agribusinesses. So MHP plans to built in 2018/2019 couple solar power plants.
Solar energy is being used already by agriholding "Mriya". "We faced with the choice to install generator equipment and use fuel or to install solar panels," - the Head of "Elagri-Kozova" business, one of the seven "Mriya" elevators Yevgen Dorota tells. "We had chosen the most ecologically safe way."

During this year HarvEst agroholding is ready to invent in solar panels installation 1 mln UAN. "According to preliminary estimates solar panels will help to reduce energy usage for 60%," - the HarvEst Regional Director Ruslan Mazurenko explained.           

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