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The prospects for commercial development of RES

Prospects for commercial development of

Today's world has reached a critical point in matters of energy consumption and the development of energy resources, which makes the need for energy conservation as relevant as possible. Perhaps, in the near future, alternative energy sources will become the main sources.

Today's market is in a stage of changing between ideas and technologies and companies that can implement these ideas. Such companies not only mediate the introduction of new technologies, but also take a leading role in social and financial matters.

To date, the use of alternative energy sources is the most acute in the following areas:

The second generation bioethanol production

According to the researches, the bioethanol production reached its nominal level. In addition, this industry is criticized due the use of agricultural waste as raw material and that leads to an increase in carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. According to experts, the production of bioethanol from corn has led to a global increase in food prices, worsened some air pollution and only slightly reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

Nevertheless, the lessons learned from the experience of the first-generation biofuel production lead us to a more efficient technology. According to the US Department of Energy, the second generation technologies using the same agricultural waste, such as corn stalks and cobs, can reduce air emissions by 90% compared to gasoline.

Unfortunately, the production of the second-generation biofuel is still at an embryonic level. This technology is applied by very few enterprises, but, judging by everything, their number will increase. According to the Sandia National Laboratory, by 2030, the United States will produce 75 billion gallons of biofuels per year, which will meet the national fuel requirements by 50%.

The key player in the market is the company Novozim, which has developed an enzyme-based bioethanol technology. To date, Novozim has occupied approximately 60% of the market for the use of enzymes in the first-generation technology and there are all the prerequisites for the fact that this indicator will be even higher when using the technology of the second generation.

The solar power engineering

Initially, the solar energy attracted a number of investors who were interested in the idea of bringing new products to the market. Nevertheless, it turned out that the production of solar panels in itself is a risky investment, as Chinese producers have sharply lowered the level of the margin.

At the same time, a number of investors consider the solar energy as a new technology that can really change the situation on the market. For example, the company Enphase Energy supplies inverters that convert the energy produced by solar panels to electricity. Such systems have reached the development level that allows them to be used by private consumers with maximum efficiency. Enphase Energy has long struggled for its market share and is not going to stop there. In the third quarter of 2014, the number of solar panels installed on residential buildings at the US territory, by 58% higher than in the previous year. At the same time, Enphase Energy controls 37% of the market sales of inverters to private consumers.

The energy saving

Energy industry specialists forecast the development of energy saving technology, based on the development of Tesla, which introduced in April this year a new type of an accumulator battery, allowing private users to disconnect from the power grids.

The possibility of the electricity saving is an important factor in the distribution of solar energy, allowing electricity to be generated during the day and to save it during the night, instead of selling it in the electricity grid, as is done now.

Unfortunately, the Tesla's equipment is still too expensive for its mass application. However, the very fact of its appearance allows to talk about the transition of the energy conservation from theory to practice. Over time, subject to lower prices, the number of users who switched to similar energy-saving systems will certainly increase.

Meanwhile, the market shows its readiness for a sharp expansion. According to the study by the company GTM Research, published in March this year, by 2019 the total sales in the US will reach $ 1.5 billion. For comparison, in 2014 this figure was only $ 128 million.

Summarizing the all above, we can say that in the next few years biofuel production, solar energy and energy conservation systems will be important components of the industry evolution. Of course, the level of efficiency will depend on investment strategies and the ability of companies to provide the foundation for the transition to reliable, profitable and environmentally safe energy.

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The prospects for commercial development of RES


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