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Lukoil is cutting investments in RES

Lukerg Renew’s press office has reported that the joint company is to go out of business. Lukerg Renew was established in 2011 with the aim to ..

16.08.2017, 06:08
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  • The German Institute for pelletizing DEPI participated in the conference on the topic of pellet certification

    The conference, held in Munich, Germany, was a part of the 14th Pellet Industry Forum, held simultaneously with the exhibition Intersolar Europe. In G..

    23.06.2017, 01:06
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  • The Guardian announced the achievement of energy independence by Denmark through RES

    On July 10, the British edition of The Guardian published a material with the promising title "Wind power plants provided 140% of Denmark's energy con..

    23.06.2017, 01:06
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  • The Thai company KPN entered the RES market

    The management of KPN Group announced the takeover of the company Renewable Enery Corp., the majority shareholder of Wind Energy Holding Co., the lead..

    23.06.2017, 01:06
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  • The development of energy markets as the strengthening of interstate connections

    The resonance effect from the North American energy boom, thanks to which an importer will soon become an exporter, has reached the Middle East, the R..

    23.06.2017, 12:06
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  • The UK government stopped subsidizing RES

    Last month, experts and world leaders repeatedly drew public attention to the importance of climate change. This opinion was joined by Pope Francis, w..

    23.06.2017, 11:06
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  • The prospects of the Ukrainian alternative energy

    The National Plan of actions for renewable energy provides for an increase in the number of the Ukrainian renewable energy sources (RES) by five times..

    23.06.2017, 11:06
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  • The prospects for commercial development of RES

    Today's world has reached a critical point in matters of energy consumption and the development of energy resources, which makes the need for energy c..

    22.06.2017, 10:06
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  • The Persian Gulf countries modernize their electric systems

    This decision is related to the need to ensure reliable power supply to the region. Recently, most governments of the world have decided to change th..

    22.06.2017, 10:06
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  • Corn can be the driver of Ukrainian bioenergy

    According to experts, the bioenergy industry of Ukraine is capable of providing biogas production in the amount of 3 to 12 million cubic meters per ye..

    22.06.2017, 09:06
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  • Bioenergy of Ukraine as a key to the country's energy independence

    Recently energy industry experts are increasingly talking about the need to diversify supplies of energy resources to the country, while mentioning th..

    22.06.2017, 09:06
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  • Alternative energy proves viability, but not ability to limit atmospheric emissions

    Bloomberg New Energy Finance Agency (BNEF) has released a forecast according to which the world's energy generation capacity, operating due to ren..

    22.06.2017, 08:06
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  • Australia or Germany: two ways to develop RES

    While Australia limits the share of c sources in its market, the most powerful economics of the European Union acts in the opposite way. Lately, Germ..

    15.06.2017, 07:06
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  • Austrian market is fully supplied with biodiesel of domestic manufacture

    Such facts were published by ARGE, that unites six Austrian biodiesel manufacturers. As the facts indicate, it was produced 269 000 tones of biodiese..

    15.06.2017, 04:06
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  • China calls to create 3 mutual energy markets

    Beijing thinks that such a step will help building a cheap infrastructure and giving an access to inexpensive energy sources. The plan that was signed..

    20.03.2017, 02:03
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