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Charcoal Producers in Ukraine

In order to facilitate the establishment of business contacts between charcoal sellers and buyers and to explore the latest trends of the present bioenergy industry, the experts of Ukrainian Biofuel Portal prepared the following release of the database of charcoal producers and suppliers covering the period from the beginning of 2012 to the 1st quarter (inclusive) of 2013. This release effectively complements the previous database releases and provides the holistic vision of the dynamics of Ukrainian charcoal market development.

Date of release: 18.04.2013

Period: 2012 - 1st quarter of 2013

Total number of entries: 85

The analysis of proposals for charcoal sales let reveal that over the specified period of time 31 producers and 99 suppliers of the product were registered at Ukrainian Biofuel Portal Besides there are 19 producers and 66 suppliers from Ukraine. If we analyze the information given in the database for 2011, we can see that in 2012 the portal has received by 18%  proposals from Ukrainian sellers more. This demonstrates the significant increase in the activity of portal users who are interested in selling charcoal.

Table 1. The distribution of charcoal producers by Ukrainian regions

Table 2. The distribution of charcoal suppliers by Ukrainian regions

The biggest part of sellers offers charcoal of hardwood (oak, beech, hornbeam, ash tree). Also the charcoal of birch and fruit trees (it is often positioned as charcoal for hookahs) is sold, such type of fuel is usually more expensive. Sometimes the sellers indicate that their production is recommended for the use in restaurants, for barbecues, grills or hookahs.

The price range for the offered products varies from 2.1 to 4.5 UAH per kilogram. The cost depends on the delivery conditions, the raw materials used, the technical characteristics of the fuel and the size of the batch. Sometimes there is the note that the price of charcoal will vary depending on the season.

The suggested amounts range from 5 to 300 tons per month. In some cases it is indicated that whatever volumes of the production are available. Most producers and suppliers are focused on wholesale trading. However, there are those who offer retailer sales, but usually the minimal purchase batch is specified.

It should be noted that the producers and suppliers are rather flexible in terms of charcoal packaging. It is often said that various package options are possible. The main types of packaging are paper bags, polyethylene and polypropylene bags. Also the production can be transported in bulk, packed in big bags or sacks. The main options of packaging are 2,5, 3, 5, 10 kg.

The prevailing method of delivery is self-delivery (EXW), also there are the types of delivery of groups F, C, D. Sometimes a producer or supplier offers any variants of shipping depending on the customer’s preference. The most popular forms of transport are autos and railway trains.

The users of the presented database will have the access to such information about charcoal producers and suppliers as the date of the proposal receipt, the location of the company (country, region, city), the company address, the name and contact information of its representative (mobile and landline phones, fax, skype, e-mail). Then the brief and detailed descriptions of the offer are given.

The presented database will be a useful source of information for both charcoal sellers and buyers on the territory of Ukraine. The last will be able to choose their most appropriate forms of cooperation and sign advantageous contracts. The sellers and suppliers in turn will be able to improve their understanding of the situation in the bio-energy sector as well as to analyze the proposals of competitors.

Sergei Kozlov

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