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Base of straw pellet producers and suppliers for November 2011 - October 2012

Release: 23.10.2012
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New positions in total: 25

The marketing specialists of Ukrainian biofuel portal analyzed the offers from the companies and private entrepreneurs selling straw pellets. On basis of the performed analysis the portal's marketing experts composed the base of straw pellet producers and suppliers for the period from November 2011 till October 2012.

The present base of straw pellet producers and suppliers effectively completes the previous bases of the same name which cover the period from 2008 till 2011.

Table 1. Statistics of bases of straw pellet producers and suppliers for 2008-2012

The straw pellet production enterprises and supplying companies from such Ukrainian regions as Kiev, Vinnitsa, Dniepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zhytomir, Zaporozhye, Kirovograd, Odessa, Poltava, Sumy, Khmelnitskiy, Cherkassy and the Crimea are presented in the base.

Table 2. Straw pellet producers and suppliers (IV) 2011 – (IV) 2012

Straw pellet suppliers and producers

The following data about straw pellet producers and suppliers is given in the base: the date of offer, city or town, the name of company, the name and surname of private entrepreneur or company’s representative, detailed description of the offer including technical characteristics of the production, delivery volumes and terms, the type of packing, sales prices, accompanying documents and the main conditions of cooperation.

According to the base of straw pellet producers and suppliers in Ukraine for the period November 2011 – October 2012, straw pellets are mainly sold in 1 tone big-bags, packing in bales or polyethylene sacks is also offered. The average sale price (in hryvnas, euros, dollars) may also be seen in the base. In some cases the price is negotiable.

It should be noted that the minimal sale price is mainly charged by the producers and suppliers delivering their production on Ex Works (EXW) terms. The higher prices are mainly charged by the private entrepreneurs or companies working on Free Carrier (FCA) or Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) terms. The sales volumes vary from 50 till 3000 tones. The sales volumes from 300 till 600 tones per month are also presented. Different variants of collaboration are described in the base. There are the sellers who want to find permanent customers for a long term cooperation or who are oriented on export, some sellers are looking for companions or investors and so on.

The present base will be a valuable source of information both for the buyers and distributors of straw pellets. The former will be able to select their most suitable conditions of cooperation and get in touch with certain straw pellet producers or suppliers. As for sellers of this production, thanks for this base they will be able to analyze the situation on the straw pellet market and to see their competitors’ opportunities and potential.

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