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European buyers of charcoal from Ukraine

Charcoal buyers database

Release Date: 13.07.2016
Updates: 20.02.2017
Total Companies 2015: 341
Total Companies 2016: 187 (1Q)
Total Companies 2016: 464
Database Format: .xls

Purchase volume 2015: 162 208 МТ
Purchase volume 2016: 151 957 МТ

Charcoal importing countries database: structure and functions

This database was created on the basis of statistical, informational and analytical data of Ukrainian charcoal import operations in Europe for the given period. The database gives detailed and credible information on the importing companies including the countries of the companies, precise information on the addresses and locations, email addresses, web-sites, fax and telephone numbers, contact data of companies’ representatives. The Database of Ukrainian charcoal importers also includes the data on the amounts of purchases of each company in particular for the given period. The latter information allows the estimation of the importing purchasers’ opportunities and a potential cooperation prospective. The database gives the information about 464 importing companies from 45 countries, most of which are located on the European continent.

European Buyers of Charcoal from Ukraine in 2016

Country Volume, MT Total Companies
Poland 73 137 65
Germany 18 096 59
Belgium 17 555 8
Romania 11 370 22
Czech Republic 5 180 20
Netherlands 2 977 5
Bulgaria 2 741 33
Hungary 2 393 5
Lithuania 2 106 10
Switzerland 1 895 8
Austria 1 259 4
France 1 126 8
Slovakia 1 114 14
Estonia 983 4
Latvia 608 6
Denmark 395 2
Croatia 250 2
Greece 233 6
Italy 164 3
Sweden 137 1
Ireland 40 1
United Kingdom 36 2
Total 143 794 288

The database of European importers of Ukrainian charcoal is professionally tailored

The experts of Ukrainian Biofuel Portal, who prepared this database, monitor Ukrainian charcoal export operations on a regular basis and have been updating the data in the information-analytical system of Ukrainian Biofuel Portal for the last five years. The experts say that Poland traditionally took the first place among charcoal importers from Ukraine. In total, in the first quarter of 2016 Ukraine exported slightly less than 40 th MT and it was 73 137 TM for 2016. The share of the main European importers, in particular – Poland, Belgium, Germany and Romania – accounts for more than 80% of the overall export volume of this alternative fuel from Ukraine. Poland received 48% of the total volume (151 957 МТ), Belgium - 12%, Gemany - 12% and Romania nearly - 7%.

Advantages of the database of European importers of Ukrainian charcoal

Charcoal importers

Many of the importing companies given in the database have years of experience in cooperation with Ukrainian charcoal producers with relatively stable import volumes. The database of the European importers of Ukrainian charcoal in 2015 – 2016 (1st quarter) allows tracking export dynamics and making conclusions on their prospects with high probability in the nearest future.  This informational-analytical release is especially interesting for newly-minted Ukrainian charcoal manufacturers and helps them orient the market and significantly expand their export potentials. This information will also be interesting for businesses which involve diversification due to the deployment of charcoal production. The analytical information of the database of Ukrainian charcoal manufacturers will greatly assist traders in forming optimal commercial offers and the effective search of new sales markets. In addition, exporters of charcoal from Ukraine-neighboring countries will be able to optimize their price and logistic policies by using the given information. This will allow them to establish new or continue available international cooperation on more favorable terms for both parties.

Total Companies 2016: 187 (1Q)

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