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Base of straw pellet buyers for IV quarter 2011 - III quarter 2012

Release: 23.10.2012
New positions in total: 66

Having analyzed the offers from the private entrepreneurs and companies, which are interested in buying alternative fuel of agricultural wastes, the marketing specialists of Ukrainian biofuel portal composed the base of straw pellet buyers for the period from November 2011 till September (including) 2012. The present base contains the data about straw pellet buyers both in Ukraine and abroad. Therefore, the information will be timely for the Ukrainian sellers and producers supplying this solid fuel to the domestic market and also for those who are focused on exporting their production.

This base release will be a good addition to the previous bases of straw pellet buyers, which cover the period from 2008 till 2011. The statistics of the previous releases allows to conclude that during the past 3 years (the period after the economic crisis of 2009) the number of straw pellet buyers increases annually, what gives evidence of the permanent growth of demand for this fuel.

Table 1. Ukraine focused straw pellet buyers 2008 – 2012

The Base of straw pellet buyers for IV quarter 2011 – III quarter 2012 lets see, that Ukrainian straw pellets are in the biggest demand in Poland and also on the domestic market. Then Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Russia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia and Bosnia follow.

Table 2. Geographical distribution of straw pellet buyers (IV) 2011 – (III) 2012

The subscribers of the straw pellet buyers base will have the access to such data as the names of the companies (or the names of the private entrepreneurs), which are interested in purchasing straw pellets, their location (city, country) and also the detailed descriptions of the purchase offers.

If we analyze the base, we may reveal that the most existing and potential straw pellet buyers are interested in a serious and a long term collaboration with Ukrainian producers and suppliers. In lots of cases it’s notified that the regular purchases are planned, as a rule once per month. Sometimes the companies intend to cooperate with the producers directly.

The purchase volumes vary from 50 till 3000 tones, the volume of regular purchases – from 100 till 10 000 tones per month. As for delivery conditions, most customers are interested in the delivery of D group (DAF, DDU, DDP), when the seller is responsible for delivering production to an agreed place or some point on the border or in the country of import. The required technical features are rarely notified, in some cases the purchasers are interested in the pellets with 8 mm diameter.   

The straw pellet producers and suppliers who will have the access to the base, will be able to get the newest and timely information about the companies and private entrepreneurs interested in their production. Thanks for this the sellers will have imagination about the level of demand for straw pellets in the world, they will be able to widen their client base, establish useful business contacts and finally increase their sales volumes.

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