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European import of Ukrainian wood briquettes

 Wood briquette import

In accordance to Directive of the European Union "Support for the use of energy from renewable sources", adopted on 23 April 2009, the share of renewable energy by 2020 should be 20% of gross domestic energy consumption. Today the most popular of all alternative fuels are wood biofuels. Their undeniable advantages include relatively low cost, energy efficiency and extremely low emissions when it is burned. These factors led to the fact that the consumers of wood briquettes are not only public utilities and station that produce electricity and heat, but also private households.

Such popularity of wood biofuels was the reason that in recent years, demand has exceeded the volume of domestic production and EU countries have to import it.

The main suppliers of wood briquettes to the European Union are Canada, USA, Russia and Ukraine, the major importers of domestic biofuels are Poland, Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. In recent years, demand of such importers as Italy, Lithuania and Latvia increased. Experts of Ukrainian Biofuel Portal have prepared the base of importers of wood briquettes, procures over 2014. Official statistics data, open sources and portal databases were used as information sources.

Number of companies: 327

Release Date: 5/25/2015

The volume of imports: 93223.76 tons

The base wood briquette importer contains the following information:

  1. Importing company name
  2. Importer'd addres
  3. The volume of imports on the basis of a comparison of 2014 and 2013
  4. The structure of the European Union in the Ukrainian imports of wood briquettes
  5. Contact information of the importering companies: telephone, telephone2, fax, email, website.

A total of over 2014 Ukrainian wood briquettes have been exported to 29 countries. Leadership positions are held by the Czech Republic (13,139.97 tons), Germany (40,677.83 tons) and Poland (16,906.42 tons), which have become familiar markets for Ukrainian producers.

130 companies did also purchasing in 2013 and in 2014 it comprised 75,037 tons (with an average volume of 577 tons for a company), representing 80% of total imports for the year. The remaining 197 companies (with an annual average of 92 tons for a company) bought wood briquettes in 2014 for the first time or did the purchases in 2013.

The main advantages of the database of importers of wood fuel briquettes, produced in Ukraine, are:

  • Displaying the actual volumes of exports for 2014;
  • The companies given in the database are solvent purchasers who have experience in working with the Ukrainian suppliers;
  • The Ukrainian producers can use this database to expand the customer base and increase sales volume;
  • The database will allow the producers to analyze state of the market and to forecast production volume for 2015.

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