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Wood pellet export Ukraine 2014

According to the official stats, the greater part of the wood pellets produced in Ukraine is exported and the number of exporting companies is constantly increasing. Therefore, the potential clients have to consider the companies’ reliability and their ability to provide the required delivery volumes. In order to facilitate the search of such companies, the marketers of Ukrainian Biofuel Portal amassed reliable data about the exporters of wood pellets who made deliveries throughout 2014. The information has been retrieved from the personal database, the official statistic data and from a variety of different sources of information.

Wood pellet export

Pellet export structure

While compiling the exporters database, the experts of the Portal employed the index method of export analysis and on the basis of qualified sampling they excluded the database records related to wood briquette, peeler log, and veneer sheet production waste. Thus, the database provides the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Total companies: 312

Export companies 2014: 246
Release date: 09.04
Updated: 13.04

The export volume: 123 thousand tons

This database presents the following information:

  • Sender nam
  • The export deliveries volume in 2014
  • Contact information: phone 1, phone 2, fax, e-mail, the representative, the site address and skype contact

Five leading countries in the import of the Ukrainian pellets in 2014 are:

  1. Poland – 32% (38, 7 thousands of tonnes)
  2. Italy – 21% (26, 13 thousands of tonnes)
  3. The Czech Republic – 12% (14, 4 thousands of tonnes)
  4. Germany – 6% (8, 45 thousands of tonnes)
  5.  Denmark – 5% (7 thousands of tonnes)

The export dynamics of the Ukrainian wood pellets export in 2014

Wood pellet export dynamics in Ukraine 2014

The major advantages of the databases of the export-companies:

  • The residents of the European Union countries get opportunity to choose a supplier that fully corresponds to their standards.
  • The Ukrainian exporters can get the information related to the state of the market in their region and in the entire country as well, it provides an opportunity to estimate the competitiveness of one’s own enterprise, the potential of the rivals and to draw up marketing plans.
  • Market players get the information related to the changes in prices and in export delivery volumes throughout 2014, it enables to devise an effective strategy for purchases and to forecast the further actions.
  • The presented companies are reliable pellet suppliers, which have extensive relevant experience and a good reputation at the European market, which allows to arrange the deliveries in the shortest possible time and to set up a new system of wood pellets purchases in Ukraine.

Export database wood pellets 2014

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