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Charcoal Export Prices Matrix 2015-2016 (2)

Charcoal Prices

Based on the database of charcoal European importers (receivers) the market analysts of Ukrainian Biofuel Portal have designed a matrix of export prices.

Time frame: 2015-2016 (half-year)
Export volumes 2015: 162,2 Kt (thousand tons)
Export volumes 2016: 86,6 Kt
Total entries analysed: 1832

Average price is calculated on the basis of supply terms and destination. With this in view the matrix includes sending volumes by different price range.

We have grouped sending by countries and destinations for the required period.
Price matrix filters.
Currency rate check

The filter by months, quarters have been designed

Destination popularity report

The calculations are done by the following formula

P= (S /W)/ D

, where

D – contract currency exchange rate

S – contract sum in UAH

W – commodity weight

Average, minimal, maximum price is given for the relevant period and that is more important you can trace the prices by charcoal buying companies.

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charcoal_price_matrix_2015-2016.xls 483kb

Charcoal Export Prices Matrix 2015-2016 (2)

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