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Wood Pellet Manufacturers Database Ukraine 2015-2016 (III)

Wood Pellet Manufacturers

The marketers of Ukrainian construction portal have prepared the next release of the database of Ukrainian wood pellet manufacturers as of October, 2016. This is the most complete database of manufacturers among all existent. A new approach to the calculation of the manufacturers is used. Assesment of wood pellet output potential in Ukraine is provided.

Release: 10/24/2016
Format: .xls
Total number of offers from suppliers and manufacturers: 768 + 78
Total companies 2015: 160
Total companies 2016 (III): 201

Design Methodology of Pellet Manufacturers Database

For the purpose of providing informative data an offer profile on each company was created, and conclusions about the dynamics of company's work on the market were drawn. Often the same manufacturer uses several legal entities, and for this purpose we have also visualized the database by markings in different colors that enabled associating the companies and the representatives with a specific manufacturer. One should not forget that a number of companies have several production facilities in different regions.

Wood pellets Ukraine

Pellet Manufacturers Database

The base is an informational and analytical resource containing such manufacturer data as company name, place of production, contacts of managers and representatives (mobile phones, fax, e-mail, website, Skype). The data on certificate and characteristics of pellets (diameter, ash content, humidity, composition), and supply terms, price, type of packaging is provided.

Pellet Manufacturers Database Sttucture

Received Mobile number 2 Humidity Payment type: cash / bank transfer Destination
Country Phone Max_calorific_value Packaging: big bag 1000 kg, bag 45 kg, bag 40 kg, bag 30 kg, bag 25 kg, bag 15 kg Briefly
Region Phone 2 Min_calorific_value Wholesale Details. Additional terms and conditions of cooperation are specified
City Fax Density Wholesale_price
Company Fax 2 Supply_Volume Wholesale_currency
First Name Website Max_ Volume Certificate  
Last Name Skype Price per ton Raw materials
Middle name Email Currency Product_availability
Address Diameter Delivery conditions: Status: Manufacturer
Mobile number Ash content VAT: incl. VAT / excl. VAT Shipping point

For example, the field contains such detailed information: the plant produces and sells high-quality pellets of softwood. A1 – ash content - 0 to 6%. A2-1 0.7% ash content; humidity 7,6; 6 mm diameter. Quality Certificate En plus. Packaging – big-bag (1 ton). We operate under FCA terms. Current price - A2 - 79 euros / ton in big-bag package. A1 - 115 euros / ton in big-bag package. The certificate, as well as product presentation in English and Russian with the production photos, we provide on request. The samples are delivered by "Nova Poshta". It is very convenient for export: 10 km to the Romanian border, 80 to the Hungarian border, 150 km to the Slovakian border, 220 km to the Polish border.

According to the database of manufacturers, most of the fuel pellet manufacturing companies are located in Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Rivne regions.

Pellet Manufacturers Prices and Delivery Terms

Depending on the type of packaging and supply terms the prices for wood pellets vary. However, the manufacturers practice giving such terms of supply as EXW and FCA, though some of them are ready to deliver pellets to the required destination. See infographic block "Ukrainian manufacturers of wood pellets 2015 - 2016 (III)"

Types of Pellet Manufacturers Packaging

Basically, wood pellet manufacturers offer customers such types of packages as big bags (1 ton) and plastic bags (15-30 kg.) The most common type is big bag, which is used by the vast majority of manufacturers.

Manufactured Pellets Quality

Wood pellets of Ukrainian manufacturers are mainly exported to the EU countries, where the requirements to the quality of pellets is much tougher than domestic. The main parameter that determines the quality of fuel is ash. The maximum value of parameter for the first class of pellets is 0.5% if softwoods serve as a raw material and 0.7 if the hardwoods are used as the raw material. Class II can be made of mixed breeds and in this case, the ash content may be up to 1%. According to the statistics, about 90% pellets, manufactured in Ukraine, have ash content less than 1%.

Why it's helpful? We already know manufacturers anyway?

The database allows the manufacturers to assess the state of the market, pricing, depending on the region and to adjust marketing plans as well as production development plans.

The database contains current and accurate data on the Ukrainian market for the production of wood pellets, which gives customers the opportunity to quickly get in touch, choose the optimal price offer and form a plan of purchases.

The most comprehensive pool of offers with an indication of the current price.

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Wood Pellet Manufacturers Database Ukraine 2015-2016 (III)

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