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European buyers of wood pellets 2015 – 2016 (I)

Wood pellets

Marketing department of Ukrainian Biofuel Portal compiled the database of European companies which have been purchasing and importing wood pellets in 2015 and I quarter 2016.

The database of European wood pellet importers is based on export operations stats data structuring of Ukrainian producers for the pointed period by the means of Trading and analytical system. The database contains volumes comparison, dynamics and supply geography of Ukrainian wood pellets.

Release Date: 16.05.2016
Format: .xls
Companies 2015: 696
Companies 2016(I): 309

Wood pellets market in Ukraine: background information

Ukrainian wood pellets producers in 2015 exported 151 095 MT of their production. This fuel type production is growing from year to year in Ukraine, that entirely meets world tendency. Pellet export to Europe is of priority for the traders. This is provided by reasonable price of Ukraine, high product quality and optimized logistics costs by pellet import from Ukraine. The logistics component is important when forming end pellet price and that is why besides geographical location of Ukraine the developed transport infrastructure allows European buyers to do transactions quickly and successfully. Moreover, the main wood pellet producers are located in the Eastern part of the country and this factor greatly cuts the transport expenditures when deliverying wood pellets to the countries of Europe.

Pellet Importers Database Structure

The database provides the information about European importers of Ukrainian wood pellets, in particular: name and exact address of foreign company, purchase volume for the relevant period, its representative first name and last name, detailed contacts, including phone and fax in international format, email, web-site.

The information about European importers given in the database is a useful information resource for taking strategic decisions by top management of Ukrainian wood pellet manufacturing enterprises. The database will also be useful by planning foreign economic activity in short-term and long term perspective providing opportunity for objective evaluation of the European pellet market. Manufacturing enterprises will also find the database useful for efficient operation at the market.

The provided wood pellets buying companies list will be useful for pellet producers in other countries as these companies do the purchases not only in Ukraine. Such approach allows to find new marketing channels.

The database of European importers of Ukrainian wood pellets can direct buyers of this product. Studying the terms on which Ukrainian pellets are supplied to the European countries, they can alter purchase conditions and choose the most acceptable suppliers.

The researcher of solid biofuel market will also be able to find useful information, which helps the analysis of market situation and defining its tendencies

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eu-wood-pellet-importers-2015-2016(1).xls 342kb

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