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How much would it cost to build a wood pellet plant?

Nowadays the demand for alternative energy sources is growing in terms of cutting expenses and saving environment. One of the most popular type of fue..

11.12.2015, 10:12
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  • Promising rapeseed production in Ukraine is facing a challenge

    The production and export of rapeseed oil becomes one of the most profitable sectors in Ukraine. Ukrainian fertile soil makes it possible to cultivate..

    08.12.2015, 08:12
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  • Grain and rapeseed sowings in the EU: the impact of mild weather conditions

    The weather during this autumn remained quite mild all over the European Union. Relatively high temperatures as well as an appropriate amount of rainf..

    07.12.2015, 08:12
  • Views: 1286

  • The types of oil: how to choose an appropriate one?

    Nowadays, the most popular type of oil used for cooking is vegetable oil, including sunflower, corn and soybean oil. Since butter and animal fats wer..

    04.12.2015, 08:12
  • Views: 968

  • Italy shows the growth of woodworking machinery

    The overall results of 2015 are to reveal positive trends in Italian woodworking equipment industry. This conclusion is based on Acimall survey data (..

    03.12.2015, 08:12
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  • Switzerland: dynamics of wood pellet prices in 2015

    Prices for wood pellets in Switzerland in 2015 have been marked by instability. The main reason of these price changes was fluctuation of the Swiss fr..

    02.12.2015, 08:12
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  • Renewable Energy Group Third Quarter Downtrending

    Renewable Energy Group Inc works for companies throughout the United States, providing maintenance for operating with biofuels and renewable chemicals..

    30.11.2015, 04:11
  • Views: 916

  • Pelleting equipment: types and main producers

    Nowadays renewable energy sources become more and more popular, as environmental issue arises. In this case, wood pellets, relatively new kind of fuel..

    29.11.2015, 05:11
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  • EPAL has revealed several lots of fake Euro pallets from Ukraine

    Since the very beginning of this year, several European countries have informed to receive fake Euro pallets. In this case, EPAL has provided a number..

    27.11.2015, 09:11
  • Views: 1435

  • Canadian wood pellets production remains a rapidly growing sector

    Wood pellets become more and more popular all over the world in terms of renewable energy production. This kind of fuel has a number of benefits. Due ..

    26.11.2015, 06:11
  • Views: 1640

  • Pellet stoves: some tips to make a choice

    A number of householders, who are looking for cheaper and more efficient fuel to heat their homes, come to conclusion that wood pellets may be an appr..

    24.11.2015, 09:11
  • Views: 1171

  • The closure of coal-fired power plants in the UK leads to uncertainty

    The UK government has decided to shut all coal-fired power plants by 2025. This plan was announced by Energy and Climate Change Secretary Amber Rudd. ..

    21.11.2015, 01:11
  • Views: 1244

  • Coal industry in the UK faces the challenge: how to survive?

    The UK energy system is mostly fired by coal at present. The share of coal in general energy production equates approximately 30 per cent. However, a ..

    19.11.2015, 09:11
  • Views: 973

  • Renewables have caused power shortage in the UK

    The United Kingdom is providing a new energy policy, which aims to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. In this case, a number of coal-fired power..

    18.11.2015, 08:11
  • Views: 964

  • Drax is to be developed by chief executive Andy Koss

    Drax Power Station is the UK biggest supplier of renewable energy. This power plant is converting its units at present in order to involve biomass in ..

    17.11.2015, 08:11
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