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Chinese investors will assess the situation in alternative energy in Ukraine

The Chinese delegation, which included representatives of the China National Group Corporation of building materials (CNBM), and the Office of the Adv..

30.06.2015, 06:06
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  • The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has forbidden distillery plants to produce biofuels

    According to the decree №319 from May 20, 12 distilleries owned by the state have been excluded from the list of companies eligible for the producti..

    30.06.2015, 06:06
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  • Ismail sunflower processor reopened

    Oil Extraction Plant "Bessarabia B" partially offset the value of added tax.  Alexander Gorbach, the director of the plant, said that received am..

    30.06.2015, 06:06
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  • The costs of the transition to solid fuel will be reimbursed to the residents of the Zaporozhye region

    The State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine continues the program of support of the population for the transition to alternati..

    30.06.2015, 05:06
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  • The EU refuses fossil fuels

    Directors of a number of energy companies have announced the termination of investment in the production of heat energy. In particular, the CEO of ene..

    27.06.2015, 02:06
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  • Two pellet plants will be launched in the Southern Arkansas (USA) until the end of 2016

    Work on putting the objectives into operation goes on schedule, to ensure the supply of pellets to Europe, transforming industrial power generation fr..

    26.06.2015, 03:06
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  • Danish scientists have made a breakthrough in the field of solar energy

    One of the obstacles to the large-scale deployment of solar energy is the issue of saving electricity for use at night. A team of researchers from Den..

    25.06.2015, 02:06
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  • Denmark has set a new record for the import of wood pellets

    According to  the report published by the StatBank Denmark Agency, the volume of imports of wood pellets in Denmark in January amounted to 272.60..

    25.06.2015, 02:06
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  • The foreign ministers of the European Union recognized the importance of creating a new energy plan for Ukraine

    As a result of the meeting of foreign ministers of Poland, Germany and France, the ministers called on the United States and the European Commission t..

    24.06.2015, 06:06
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  • The Australian leader Tony Abbott presses on wind energy

    Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, in his speech lashed out against wind energy sources, and called them "visually awful". According to forecast d..

    23.06.2015, 06:06
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  • Kuwait leaders announced their intention to introduce technologies of alternative energy

    This statement was made by the Ambassador of Kuwait in Italy, Sheikh Ali Al-Khalid Al-Jabar Al-Sabah, who took part in the Italian forum dedicated to ..

    20.06.2015, 11:06
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  • Sharp fall in prices for wood pellets has been noticed in Switzerland in May 2015

    Market operators connect this fact with the end of the heating season. The average price for wood pellets ENplus A1 quality in May was to 372.3 Swiss ..

    20.06.2015, 11:06
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  • Global energy market will reach grid parity within next 5 years

    Analysts believe that the low price of fossil may persist for several years, but this fact does not give them advantages over alternative energy, espe..

    17.06.2015, 02:06
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  • Businessman from Bukovina transferred his hometown to biofuels

    In April 2015 Zastavnaya, which located in Bukovina, became the first Ukrainian town that completely refused the purchase of gas for heating. Local bu..

    14.06.2015, 07:06
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  • SEEN British company began the production of fuel pellets from wood waste

    Thus, the management of the company hopes to reduce the level of fuel poverty through the use of alternative energy sources. As a raw material for pel..

    12.06.2015, 06:06
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