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Holyhead biomass power plants require new high-qualified employees

The use of renewable power sources is growing. That is why it is time the UK energy producers paid more attention to this issue through the extended f..

03.11.2015, 08:11
  • Views: 785

  • Wood pellet market is growing worldwide: up to 15% increase by 2023

    According to various sources, wood pellets have become a competitive fuel option on the global scale due to their numerous advantages. Winning streaks..

    03.11.2015, 06:11
  • Views: 1241

  • Drax Power Station is switching to the biomass-fired production

    The United Kingdom remains devoted to the idea of its energy system transformation. According to the Europe Union common energy policy, the UK is redu..

    02.11.2015, 08:11
  • Views: 1280

  • Halloween is the date to end fixed energy tariffs

    On the forefront of Halloween energy consumers are expected to be frightened not only by scary costumes, but also by rising prices for electricity. Th..

    31.10.2015, 10:10
  • Views: 535

  • Renewable energy sources are to replace fossil fuel in UK

    The use of alternative energy sources overtakes coal utilization. In this case, the United Kingdom is extending funding of this sector and reducing th..

    30.10.2015, 07:10
  • Views: 969

  • Drax Group is to set up £100 million biomass terminal

    Phase one of a new biomass terminal at the Port of Liverpool has shipped off the first lot of wood pellets. This terminal will have been complete by J..

    29.10.2015, 07:10
  • Views: 701

  • New environmental targets to meet for Brazil: 37% GHG reducing by 2025

    Ahead of the Paris Climate Conference Dilma Rousseff announced about the county's goal to reduce greenhouse gases emissions by 37% till 2025 as compar..

    29.10.2015, 05:10
  • Views: 521

  • Climate challenge: how can EIB and other Development Banks address it?

    Africa needs grants provided by Development Banks to cope with climate change consequences. Nevertheless, European Investment Bank and European Bank f..

    28.10.2015, 07:10
  • Views: 659

  • 50MW biomass power plant is scheduled for construction by Sumitomo Corp. in Japan

    Sumitomo Corporation has announced about their plans of a new 50 MW biomass-fired plant to be constructed in Sakata City. The project is planned to be..

    27.10.2015, 08:10
  • Views: 1380

  • European Investment Bank will address Irish agricultural challenge

    The decline of Irish agricultural industry is considered to be addressed by EIB investments. An extended credit provision was offered during the on-go..

    27.10.2015, 07:10
  • Views: 492

  • ProCredit Bank Georgia and European Investment Bank start to fund SME

    In order to extend Georgian domestic production and reach a trade balance European Investment Bank in cooperation with ProCredit Bank Georgia announce..

    26.10.2015, 07:10
  • Views: 540

  • The IKEA company is to spend billion of euros for environmental projects

    Thus management of the company will continue supporting the projects on development of renewable energy sources, allowing to resist the climatic chang..

    26.10.2015, 05:10
  • Views: 545

  • Wood pellet market in Austria: situation in October 2015

    Wood pellet market is stable during the period from May till October 2015 in Austria. Despite the beginning of the fall heating season, pellet prices ..

    25.10.2015, 08:10
  • Views: 923

  • Energy efficiency schemes help homeowners to reduce expenses

    An energy scheme for property owners was approved in Redditch. It aims to help those householders, who wish to undertake energy efficiency measures at..

    23.10.2015, 09:10
  • Views: 639

  • VAT on wood pellets is scaled down to 10% in Italy

    After the value added tax on wood pellets had been increased more that twice, Italian government adopted a new VAT rate of 10%, which corresponds with..

    23.10.2015, 05:10
  • Views: 996