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Renewable Energy Group Third Quarter Downtrending

Renewable Energy Group Inc works for companies throughout the United States, providing maintenance for operating with biofuels and renewable chemicals..

16.11.2015, 05:11
  • Views: 907

  • Israeli researchers claimed the development of new alternative fuel

    Such fuel is produced from water and carbon dioxide and its production cost is much lower than oil distillation. Israeli Ben-Gurion university special..

    16.11.2015, 05:11
  • Views: 872

  • Holson Forest Products Company postponed the launch of its pellet plant again

    The terms of commissioning are still unknown, despite of the financial assistance, provided by the state. As the company's management explained, the l..

    16.11.2015, 04:11
  • Views: 846

  • The UK energy taxation system requires revision

    On the threshold of winter, the government of the United Kingdom is reviewing its energy taxation system. According to the reports, given by national ..

    12.11.2015, 07:11
  • Views: 886

  • Renewable energy subsidies are to be cut by the UK government

    The United Kingdom is conducting the energy strategy, which aims to involve renewable energy sources into its power generation. Solar, wind and biomas..

    11.11.2015, 08:11
  • Views: 1195

  • The Netherlands are to boost the growth of renewable energy industry

    The main aim of the European Union energy policy is to replace the use of fossil fuels in order to reduce greenhouse gases emission and cut expenses. ..

    10.11.2015, 08:11
  • Views: 1152

  • Making Torrefied Wood Pellets: technological challenge

    Torrefied pellets are more energy efficient in comparison with wood pellets. This kind of fuel has a wide range of beneficial properties, which make i..

    10.11.2015, 08:11
  • Views: 1735

  • Westervelt pellet facility in Aliceville is approved by SBP certification

    The wood pellet facility in Aliceville, Alabama has got the certificate by the Sustainable Biomass Partnership, which is a constituent part of the glo..

    07.11.2015, 05:11
  • Views: 995

  • Renewable energy sources are to address the climate and economic issues

    The developed economies are implementing their new energy strategies, which means the extended use of renewable energy sources. Moreover, the developi..

    06.11.2015, 07:11
  • Views: 1473

  • Biomass-fired power plants in the UK meet new challenges

    Burning wood is the most popular renewable energy source in Europe. It is considered to be environment-friendly. However, the recent data reveals that..

    05.11.2015, 08:11
  • Views: 1362

  • Biomass boilers are to reduce care homes expenditures

    The most energy inefficient business in the United Kingdom is care homes heating. In this case, the Government of the country offers financial incenti..

    04.11.2015, 08:11
  • Views: 1060

  • Holyhead biomass power plants require new high-qualified employees

    The use of renewable power sources is growing. That is why it is time the UK energy producers paid more attention to this issue through the extended f..

    03.11.2015, 08:11
  • Views: 1099

  • Wood pellet market is growing worldwide: up to 15% increase by 2023

    According to various sources, wood pellets have become a competitive fuel option on the global scale due to their numerous advantages. Winning streaks..

    03.11.2015, 06:11
  • Views: 1764

  • Drax Power Station is switching to the biomass-fired production

    The United Kingdom remains devoted to the idea of its energy system transformation. According to the Europe Union common energy policy, the UK is redu..

    02.11.2015, 08:11
  • Views: 1928

  • Halloween is the date to end fixed energy tariffs

    On the forefront of Halloween energy consumers are expected to be frightened not only by scary costumes, but also by rising prices for electricity. Th..

    31.10.2015, 10:10
  • Views: 739