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American designers invented a turbine, that continue to work in windless weather

According to the information, the turbines of new design in the absence of wind use pre-compressed air to generate electricity. Thus Hybrid Turbines c..

11.06.2015, 07:06
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  • US investors are worried about the attitude of the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy to alternative energy

    According to the investors, the head of the Ministry said that the Ukrainian alternative energy had been a legacy of corruption schemes times of Yanuk..

    11.06.2015, 07:06
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  • Rentech company shares will have stable position in 2015

    World leader in the production of wood pellets Rentech company is still holding stable credit positions. Searching in the credit responsibility of Ren..

    07.06.2015, 06:06
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  • Renteh company showed fall of profits in the first quater of 2015

    According to report provided by Rentech company gross profit for the first quarter was 3.7 million compared to 4.1 million dollars in the same period ..

    07.06.2015, 06:06
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  • The company Sunrun Inc is preparing for the first public sale of shares

    The company Sunrun Inc, engaged in the installation and service of the solar panels in housing, negotiate with Credit Suisse Group AG and Goldman Sach..

    25.05.2015, 12:05
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  • Solar Impulse Company project team presented the project of developing the solar energy in Myanmar

    Swiss pilots and co-founders of Solar Impulse Company, Bertrand Picar and André Borschberg have launched a new solar project in Myanmar, in whi..

    25.05.2015, 12:05
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  • The USA biodiesel producers expect the decision of the Agency on environmental protection

    Delay in the definition of standards of renewable fuels in 2015 has led to a serious decline in the production of biodiesel in the United States. In p..

    25.05.2015, 12:05
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  • One of Canada's largest producers of pellets Groupe Savoie increases its production by half

    According to the company's management, it is connected with the need to meet the increased demand for wood pellets. The increase in the production of ..

    25.05.2015, 12:05
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  • In 2014 Britain became a world leader of the import of the wood pellets

    According to recent reports, during 2014 the UK imported 4.6 million tons of wood pellets. The largest US importer of steel, exported 3.6 million tons..

    25.05.2015, 12:05
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  • Brazilian state-owned company started production of the biodiesel from the fish waste

    Despite the fact that the Petrobras Company already uses recycling waste of the Tilapia fish it must be notice that the use of fish oil as a raw mater..

    25.05.2015, 12:05
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  • Astarta Agroholding transferred their enterprises to the biogas of their own production

    The main consumers of the biogas will be Globinskiy processing and Globinskiy sugar factories. The biogas setting, which is located on the territory o..

    25.05.2015, 12:05
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  • Melitopol utility of the «Vodokanal» will use the pellets of the own production

    The crusher, transferred to the enterprise balance by the City Council, will help the utility to do this. Earlier the crusher had been on balance of t..

    25.05.2015, 12:05
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  • Indian state companies were granted the free biofuel sale permits

    According to government’s ruling, any customer can purchase a biodiesel product from one of the companies suppling it. The purpose of that decis..

    17.05.2015, 06:05
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  • The ÖkoFEN Company has developed a prototype of the cogeneration pellet heating boiler

    Revolutionary 5 kilowatt cogeneration heating system, equipped with a Stirling engine was introduced to consumers. This boiler, working on the fuel fr..

    15.05.2015, 01:05
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  • Public utilities of the USA oppose solar energy

    A number of the public utilities, supported by oil traders, began an organized campaign against the local solar systems installed on roofs, because th..

    15.05.2015, 01:05
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